Press views 'farcical' jet search

The search for the Malaysia Airlines jet that went missing on Saturday returns to front pages. The Daily Mirror publishes an image taken from a Chinese satellite and asks whether a "silvery outline" might be evidence the aircraft has crashed.

The Times front page, 13/3/14 The Times says that airlines had been warned that Boeing jets of the type that went missing were vulnerable to a drastic loss of cabin pressure and possibly breaking up in mid air because of cracks in the fuselage.
The i front page As the i sees it, the search for the plane has descended into a "farce", with thousands of amateurs scouring satellite images after Malaysian authorities admitted a breakthrough could take months.
Daily Star front page, 13/3/14 Meanwhile, the Daily Star suggests the plane may have been targeted by someone wearing a shoe bomb of the type used previously by British plotters. It quotes a reformed terrorist who told a court he'd had links to Malaysia in 2001.
Independent front page, 13/3/14 The Independent's image of a Vietnamese navy press conference captures the search chaos. Its lead story says tens of thousands of people with mental health problems are "unlawfully detained" in care homes and hospitals.
Daily Mail front page, 13/3/14 The Daily Mail also leads on the story, saying laws aimed at protecting the elderly instead resulted in them losing rights. Its picture story records claims UKIP leader Nigel Farage used EU money to employ his wife and a mistress.
The Sun front page, 13/3/14 The Sun says claims of infidelity - aired in the European Parliament by a former colleague - have "rocked" Mr Farage. Its headline asks: "Did UKIP with your aide Nige?" He denies any affair, the paper reports.
Financial Times front page, 13/3/14 The Financial Times analyses official data to conclude that six times as many people pay the higher rate of tax - currently 40p - as in 1978. It's fuelled calls for next week's budget to do more for the "squeezed middle", the papers says.
Daily Express front page, 13/3/14 Forecasters predict Britain's driest March ever, according to the Daily Express. It says 10 days of sun are in store thanks to a "mammoth" area of high pressure "wedged over the UK".
Daily Telegraph front page, 13/3/14 The Daily Telegraph reports the results of a study of 80,000 patients suggesting the cholesterol-reducing drugs statins "have no side effects". There have previously been warnings that side effects could outweigh the benefits, it notes.
Guardian front page, 13/3/14 The Guardian hears from the outgoing boss of the NHS, who says billions of pounds in extra funding will be needed during the next parliament to help push through reforms to the organisation, if it's to survive into the future.
Metro front page, 13/3/14 The number of crimes in which the perpetrators are said to have used Twitter has risen four-fold, according to the Metro. The paper says social media has been used in crimes such as terrorism, sex offences and shoplifting.

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