Immigration and bankers' bonuses in press

Immigration stories lead some front pages. The Daily Telegraph says minister James Brokenshire will say a "wealthy, metropolitan elite" and big businesses have benefited from migration at the expense of "ordinary, hard-working people".

Independent front page, 6/3/14 However, the Independent says an unpublished government review concludes there is "very little evidence" of job displacement and quotes a Whitehall source as saying it found immigration had "negligible" impact on British workers.
Daily Mail front page, 6/4/14 The Daily Mail leads on a World Health Organization warning that adults should halve their daily sugar intake to six teaspoons to "avoid obesity, heart disease and other serious illnesses", while children should not be given fizzy drinks.
Daily Express front page, 6/3/14 Meanwhile, the Daily Express reports suggestions from a US cardiovascular researcher that low-fat diets do more harm than good and that the real culprits for heart disease and obesity are carbohydrates like pasta and bread.
The Sun front page, 6/3/14 The Sun has a new take on "Watergate". It claims that children at a school in Derbyshire have been forced to wear signs around their necks when they use the toilet, after the head became unhappy at boys peeing on loo seats.
Guardian front page, 6/3/14 Amid continuing tensions in Ukraine, the Guardian says there is pressure on the EU to "resort to punitive action" against the Kremlin after Western efforts failed to get Russia to withdraw its troops from Crimea and re-open dialogue with Kiev.
The i front page, 6/3/14 The i's picture story - on Crimea - says it's "all quiet on the Eastern Front". The paper's lead says £1.2bn in cuts to elderly care budgets have left families under strain and services on "the brink of disaster".
Daily Mirror front page, 6/3/14 Bankers bonuses are back in the news, with the Daily Mirror reporting that Barclays and Lloyds paid 508 senior staff more than £1m last year. The banks created more millionaires than the Lotto, the paper notes.
Financial Times front page, 6/3/14 Meanwhile, the Financial Times reports the suspension of a Bank of England worker as part of an inquiry into potential rigging of the foreign exchange market. The Bank says it has no evidence of staff colluding in market manipulation.
The Times front page, 6/3/14 The president-elect of the British Veterinary Association has called for the religious slaughter of animals to be banned unless Muslims and Jews adopt more humane methods of killing, reports the Times.
Metro front page, 6/3/14 The Metro leads on the development of a contraceptive device which, it is claimed, can protect women from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and herpes.

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