'Wind lifted off the whole roof'

Forecasters are predicting some respite from stormy weather on Thursday but the Met Office is warning of further heavy rain and strong winds on Friday.

Tens of thousands of homes are without power and commuters are facing renewed travel disruption after hurricane-force winds battered the UK on Wednesday.

BBC News website readers have been sharing their stories.

Rob Nicholson in Whitchurch, Shropshire

Image copyright Rob Nicholson

"The whole flat roof, measuring about 30m x 6m, and insulation lifted from the building at the back of our office, cleared a hedge and landed on top of parked vehicles in the car park of NSM Nicholson House, in Whitchurch, north Shropshire, at about 16:30 yesterday afternoon.

"The wind got underneath the whole sheet of the roof. The overall weight of the roof would be in excess of two tonnes.

"The fire service helped a lot of vehicles out from underneath it, although there is still one under there. Nobody was injured."

Mike Sears, in Chertsey, Surrey

Image copyright Mike Sears

"The Army is in Chertsey, installing a 400m flood defence barrier, known as a water sausage on Bridge Road, on the Chertsey side of the bridge.

"I live nearby; the floods are coming our way.

"There was a meeting with the Environment Agency last night. Their decision was to run the barrier down the road to protect the most at-risk properties, which includes us."

Paul Hayden, fire service station manager, was called to help at a nursing home

Image copyright Paul Hayden

"Humberside Fire Service rescued a lady who was trapped in her room in a nursing home, after a tree fell through the roof of her room, at about 19:30 last night.

"The 70-year-old lady suffered only minor injuries despite almost complete destruction of the room she was in."

Rail passenger Ian Tully, from Liverpool, experienced a long journey home and was still struggling on Thursday morning.

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Media caption''I've been trying to get home since 16:00 yesterday''

"I left Northampton yesterday [Wednesday] on the 16.16 to try and get home to Liverpool from work. I'm still not home.

"I had to change at Birmingham yesterday at around 17:30 and it was chaos. I think it was the beginning of the backlog from the Crewe incident, plus we heard there were trees on the line.

"I ended up getting a hotel room in Wolverhampton. I'm now at Wolverhampton station, waiting for a taxi to get to Stafford, then a train on to Crewe and a bus service to Liverpool."

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