New benefit bans and Moyes' misery on front pages

Daily Mail front page 20/1/14 Image copyright Associated Newspapers
Image caption Another day, another benefits crackdown. Two senior government ministers tell the Daily Mail that "jobless immigrants are to be denied housing benefit". They say "Britain's generous welfare system should no longer be a magnet for citizens of other EU states", it reports.
Independent front page 20/1/14 Image copyright IPL London
Image caption Not to be outdone, Labour's Rachel Reeves tells the Independent "the jobless would lose their unemployment benefit... if they failed a 'basic skills test' and refused training". She describes it as "a tough love strategy". The main image is of Sir Chris Chataway, athlete, politician and more, who has died aged 82.
Financial Times front page 20/1/14 Image copyright Financial Times
Image caption A dramatic image of a bus burning on the streets of Kiev dominates the front of the Financial Times. Its main story says David Cameron risks "damaging Europe" with "his anti-immigration stance" and it warns that Germany "looks set to become the most powerful opponent" to plans to curb freedom of movement.
Daily Telegraph front page 20/1/14 Image copyright Telegraph Media Group
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says "British people fighting in Syria are being trained as 'jihadists' and then encouraged to return to the UK to launch attacks on home soil". It has spoken to an al-Qaeda defector and Western security sources. The picture is of Roger and Margaret Pratt - he was murdered in St Lucia on Friday.
Guardian front page 20/1/14 Image copyright Guardian Media Group
Image caption The Guardian says drug and insurance companies "will be able to buy information" on patients from a new NHS database. Supporters say it will save lives but there are concerns about privacy too, it adds. Elsewhere, a triumphant Samual Eto'o punches the air after his hat-trick helped Chelsea beat Man Utd.
Daily Mirror front page 20/1/14 Image copyright Trinity Mirror
Image caption The Daily Mirror follows up a story from Sunday's papers, reporting that the Queen is to begin handing over more duties to her son, Prince Charles. David Moyes and his "agony" at his side, Manchester United, losing 3-1 to Chelsea also gets a front page slot.
Times front page 20/1/14 Image copyright News Corp
Image caption "Teachers at 130 independent schools have been implicated in sex crimes against hundreds of children," claims the Times. It says experts are warning of "a looming scandal over the abuse of boys in boarding schools". The paper also has the latest on President Francois Hollande and his "broken" First Lady.
Daily Express front page 20/1/14 Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption Unlikely as it might sound, "chocolate can beat diabetes", according to the Daily Express. It says "powerful components" found in the sugary treat "can ward off the disease". Dame Helen Mirren also appears on the front page - cryptically, it says she's feeling "perky and not saggy".

Barely a day goes by, it seems, without word of a new benefits "crackdown" and both the Daily Mail and Independent lead with them on Monday.