'Maddie arrests' and obesity warning - front pages

Daily Mirror front page 13/1/14 Image copyright Trinity Mirror
Image caption "British police are poised to make the first arrest in the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann," reports the Daily Mirror. It says they want to question three burglars "who carried out raids in the Portuguese resort when the child, three, vanished". It says her parents "know that this is a significant lead".
Daily Telegraph front page 13/1/14 Image copyright Telegraph Media Group
Image caption Two days ago, the Daily Telegraph splashed on a picture of Francois Hollande's alleged mistress - on Monday, it leads with one of his current partner, Valerie Trierweiler, who has been treated in hospital. The top story is a call by the health secretary for doctors to be "more open" when things go wrong.
Daily Mail front page 13/1/14 Image copyright Associated Newspapers
Image caption Britain's "obesity epidemic could be far worse than predicted because experts did not factor in how much fatter we are getting as we age", claims the Daily Mail. It also pictures Valerie Trierweiler alongside Julie Gayet, the French president's alleged mistress.
Times front page 13/1/14 Image copyright News Corp
Image caption The Times too leads with the National Obesity Forum report and a warning that "parents have lost their awareness of fatness as overweight children become the norm". It's time for "shock tactics", the paper says, quoting a recommendation that "GPs should be trained to tell people when they are too fat".
Guardian front page 13/1/14 Image copyright Guardian Media Group
Image caption The Guardian says "taxpayer-funded academy chains have paid millions of pounds into the private businesses of directors, trustees and their families". Shadow schools minister Kevin Brennan wants David Cameron to "look into the practice urgently". Vivienne Westwood also appears on the paper's front page.
Independent front page 13/1/14 Image copyright IPL London
Image caption The Independent says "tens of thousands of race hate crimes are going unreported each year". Reporting has fallen "by almost 20% in the past three years" due to a lack of faith in the police, it claims. The main image is of Israel's President Shimon Peres laying a wreath beside the coffin of Ariel Sharon.
Sun front page 13/1/14 Image copyright News Corp
Image caption "A trusting OAP... was fleeced of £200,000 over 56 years by mail scams in one of Britain's worst fraud cases," reports the Sun. It says Sylvia Kneller "routinely sent £100 a week in the vain hope of securing a lotto win, car - and even good health".
Daily Express front page 13/1/14 Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption The Daily Express splits its front page between several of its favourite subjects. News of a "10-minute test for Alzheimer's" sits alongside those developments in the Madeleine McCann case. The paper also has a warning of more bad weather on the way.

News that British police are ready to make three arrests in the Madeleine McCann case leads the Daily Mirror on Monday.