Spies to be allowed to break speed limit

Police vehicle with blue lights flashing Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Intelligence officers will be required to take a high-speed driving course

Spies are to be allowed to speed under changes to the UK motoring laws.

MI5 and MI6 officers currently have to abide by the rules of the road even if national security is threatened.

But they will be given the same exemptions as police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines by transport minister Robert Goodwill.

Vehicles used to carry organs for transplant, bomb disposal units and mountain rescue teams are also likely to be added to the list.

Under the proposals being announced on Monday, intelligence officers will have to take a course in high-speed driving prior to being exempt from speed limits.

The changes come after a Department for Transport consultation found that 93% of those who responded backed extending the speeding exemption to those involved in "the protection of life and limb or national security".

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