EU horse trading dominates newspaper front pages

Sunday Times front page 12/1/14 Image copyright News Corp
Image caption The Sunday broadsheets all lead with matters EU. Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith tells the Sunday Times "migrants should be banned from claiming welfare payments for up to two years". He says he is "building an alliance of countries... to attack 'benefits tourism'".
Observer front page 12/1/14 Image copyright Guardian Media Group
Image caption As if responding to Iain Duncan Smith, the Observer says Brussels has "stepped up its fightback against UK attempts to curb EU immigration", saying freedom of movement is "non-negotiable". The main picture is of Mark Duggan's mother holding a white dove at a vigil in his memory in Tottenham.
Sunday Telegraph front page 12/1/14 Image copyright Telegraph Media Group
Image caption According to the Sunday Telegraph, 95 Conservative MPs have written to David Cameron demanding Parliament "be given the power to veto every aspect of EU law", including human rights and immigration legislation. The main image is of father Andrew Priestley, who drowned saving his sons in Australia.
Independent on Sunday front page 12/1/14 Image copyright IPL London
Image caption The unmistakeable profile of Ariel Sharon dominates the Independent on Sunday. Alongside, Robert Fisk writes: "He will, be assured, receive the funeral of a hero and peacemaker. Thus do we rewrite history." Beneath this the paper says the UK is "to answer for Iraq 'war crimes'" as lawyers demand action.
Mail on Sunday front page 12/1/14 Image copyright Associated Newspapers
Image caption The Mail on Sunday says the former chairman of the Co-Op Bank Paul Flowers is again taking drugs. It says its reporters have followed the Methodist minister and gained evidence that he is using ketamine. The paper says Mr Flowers' solicitor did not respond to its requests for comment.
Sunday Express 12/1/14 Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption The Sunday Express carries a claim by a man who says he was abused while in care by two unnamed MPs in the 1980s. The paper's front page also says drivers are facing "an epidemic of potholes" thanks to "the worst storms for years and big cuts to road budgets".
Daily Star Sunday 12/1/14 Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption Inevitably, the Daily Star Sunday leads with a Celebrity Big Brother story - news that "sick fans" of the show have reportedly "threatened to stab" contestant Lee Ryan - or "love rat Lee", as the paper calls him, after he dumped housemate Casey Batchelor for "rival" Jasmine Waltz.

There's claim and counter-claim on the subject of the EU on a number of Sunday's front pages.