Front pages: Marine A's wife speaks out in press

Daily Telegraph front page 14/12/13
Image caption The Daily Telegraph has an interview with the wife of Sgt Alexander Blackman - Marine A - jailed for life for murdering an injured Taliban insurgent. She says he is "ashamed" of what he did, but believed the Afghan fighter was already dead when he shot him.
i front page 14/12/13
Image caption There's good and bad news for the NHS on two of Saturday's front pages. The i says the feared winter onslaught for A&E wards is already under way as it says figures show hospitals last week saw "the highest number of emergency admissions since records began" in November 2010.
Guardian front page 14/12/13
Image caption But the Guardian reports that "patients taken into hospital at the weekend as an emergency will in future be routinely seen by senior doctors". The paper says the move is part of a £2bn plan "that will see the NHS providing high quality care every day".
Independent front page 14/12/13
Image caption The Independent's picture is of Jang Song-thaek, shortly before his execution, apparently for conspiring against the North Korean state. The lead story follows a regular theme for the paper - what it says are the negative impacts of government austerity. This time concerns a rise in homelessness.
Times front page 14/12/13
Image caption A frostbitten but happy Prince Harry smiles on the front of Saturday's Times after reaching the South Pole. The paper's lead story says Universities UK has been "forced into a humiliating climbdown" and "Islamic speakers at universities will no longer be allowed to demand that men and women sit apart."
Daily Mail front page 14/12/13
Image caption She's rarely off the front pages at the moment - and once again Nigella Lawson leads Saturday's Daily Mail. It says her former assistant Elisabetta Grillo - who is accused of defrauding the TV cook and her ex-husband Charles Saatchi - told a court Ms Lawson "lets her children smoke weed".
Sun front page 14/12/13
Image caption The Sun leads with the same line from the Nigella Lawson case. The paper says Elisabetta Grillo also told Isleworth Crown Court the chef had lied on oath "and claimed only she was telling the truth at her fraud trial".
Financial Times front page 14/12/13
Image caption The Financial Times says "one of Britain's biggest insurance companies" - More Than - "is scrambling to find hundreds of millions of pounds to shore up its finances". The paper says the firm has been hit by an "accounting scandal at its Irish business".
Daily Mirror front page 14/12/13
Image caption According to the Daily Mirror, Tracey Connelly, jailed for the murder of her son Peter - Baby P - "wants a gastric band op on the NHS" in order to lose weight.
Daily Express front page 14/12/13
Image caption Britain has become "the scrounging capital of Europe", according to the Daily Express. It says "foreign beggars" are "posing as penniless vagrants" but are making £700 a week - "equivalent to a pre-tax income of £50,000". The paper's main picture is Strictly Come Dancing favourite Susanna Reid.

He acted in "the madness of the moment" - those are the words of Claire Blackman, defending her husband Alexander, in an interview with Saturday's Daily Telegraph.