Front pages: 'Mourning after' Mandela and World Cup draw

Independent front page 7/12/13
Image caption Yesterday the papers delivered the news of Nelson Mandela's death. On Saturday, they take stock of his life and his legacy. They also discuss reaction to his passing in South Africa and around the world. The Independent says that in the former "they danced as he would have wished".
Daily Telegraph front page, 7/12/13
Image caption The Daily Telegraph's big picture is of a young white man in Johannesburg hugging a distressed black woman. "A nation united in desire for a lasting legacy" is the Telegraph's accompanying headline. The paper's main story says the first GP league tables show half are "too slow in spotting cancer".
i front page 7/12/13
Image caption The i chooses the same lead image as its sister paper - a poster of the late president outside his former home in Soweto. It has been signed by hundreds, if not thousands of people, leaving their messages of tribute and condolence. The i also mentions England's World Cup draw on its front page.
Daily Mail front page 7/12/13
Image caption The Daily Mail plugs its Mandela tribute edition on the front page, but its lead story concerns the jailing - for life - of Royal Marine Alexander Blackman for murdering an Afghan insurgent. Under the headline "Casualty of war", the paper says "a huge wave of support" is "swelling" for him, particularly on Facebook.
Sun front page 7/12/13
Image caption The Sun, like the other red tops, leads with England's World Cup 2014 draw - and their unanimous verdict seems to be, we're in trouble. The Sun says England face "daunting ties" against Italy and Uruguay. Alongside an image of Rio's Christo Redentor statue, the paper pleads: "Lord help us."
Daily Mirror front page 7/12/13
Image caption FA chairman Greg Dyke's reaction to England's Group D opponents leads the Daily Mirror. It says he made "a cut-throat gesture" - or "we're dead", as it also puts it - "as the team were drawn in a tough group with a fixture in the jungle". The paper also trails its Nelson Mandela tribute pull-out.
Daily Star front page 7/12/13
Image caption Football manages to knock I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here off the front page of the Daily Star, but the jungle - albeit on the other side of the world - still gets a mention. "England were last night handed a World Cup hell draw, giving skipper Steven Gerrard a jungle nightmare," it says.
Times front page 7/12/13
Image caption The Times ploughs its own furrow with a claim from the Institute for Fiscal Studies that "households face a new round of tax rises or welfare cuts after the election to fill a £12bn hole in the chancellor's austerity plans". The paper's main picture is of the Duchess of Cambridge on a visit to a children's hospice.
Daily Express front page 7/12/13
Image caption The Daily Express has one of its favourite subjects, the weather, and what it describes as "the worst storm in 60 years". It says the "mopping up" is now going on after wind and rain left "a trail of devastation across Britain". It says the bill for the clean-up could run to £5bn.

Saturday's front pages are largely split between those continuing to lead with Nelson Mandela's death and those focusing on England's World Cup 2014 draw.