UK newspaper review: Google child abuse block in headlines

Daily Mail front page 18/11/13
Image caption Monday's Daily Mail has the news that Google is to block search results related to child abuse. The paper, which has campaigned on the issue, calls it "a stunning U-turn". Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt, writing in the Mail, says: "We've listened."
Daily Telegraph front page 18/11/13
Image caption Monday's Daily Telegraph leads with a political story, news that a Yorkshire businessman is to contribute several million pounds to the UK Independence Party's coffers for the next general election. The paper's main photograph is of Dame Helen Mirren, resplendent at a theatre awards show in London.
Times front page 18/11/13
Image caption Politics also leads the Times. It says a group of Conservative MPs are to tell David Cameron they want to see tax cuts for the middle classes put ahead of any further increase in the personal income tax allowance. The paper says the group is "spoiling for a fight" over the matter.
Guardian front page 18/11/13
Image caption Former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer tells the Guardian he is sceptical about claims made by the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ that intelligence leaks by Edward Snowden were the most serious blow to their work in a generation. The Guardian, of course, has been the vehicle for those leaks.
Daily Express front page 18/11/13
Image caption It's the weather again on the front page of the Daily Express. Britain is facing "a month-long Arctic freeze as a huge swathe of bitter air sweeps in from the North Pole". Expect snow and temperatures as low as -11C, the paper warns. It's front page picture is of Strictly Come Dancing contestant Abbey Clancy.
Financial Times front page 18/11/13
Image caption The Financial Times' says thousands of construction workers have been offered up to £100,000 in compensation after their names appeared on a secret industry "blacklist". Those on it were deemed to be "suspected 'troublemakers' taking part in trade union activity or raising safety concerns".
Independent front page 18/11/13
Image caption A climate change exclusive for the Independent. It says "scientists can now explain the apparent 'pause' in global warming" in the past 15 years "that sceptics have used to bolster their arguments". A failure to collect data was to blame, the paper says, and in fact, temperatures have continued to rise.
Daily Mirror front page 18/11/13
Image caption The Daily Mirror follows up the Mail on Sunday's exclusive on former Co-operative Bank boss Paul Flowers. It says police are looking into allegations that he bought and used illegal drugs. Mr Flowers said he had done things that were "stupid and wrong" and was seeking professional help.
Sun front page 18/11/13
Image caption The Sun has visited the hotel where England's footballers will stay during next year's World Cup in Brazil and isn't impressed. It is "beside a reeking open drain containing human sewage", the paper says. The other front page story relates to reality show I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.
Daily Star front page 18/11/13
Image caption It's I'm A Celebrity on the front page of the Daily Star too. It says the show's contestants have been left "terrified... after furious Aborigines put an evil curse on them". It reports that "since the spell was cast, a super storm has hit and now a plague of leeches has infested the Aussie set".

Reviewing the papers for the BBC's News Channel, James Lyons, deputy political editor of the Daily Mirror, was unimpressed with Conservatives who, according to the Times, are pushing for tax cuts for the middle classes.

"It sounds like the same old broken record from Tory right wingers," he said, arguing that, in fact, it would amount to "another tax cut for the rich".

But Kevin Schofield, chief political correspondent of the Sun, said "It depends how you define rich. The point they are making is that more and more relatively low income people - albeit above the national average - have been dragged into paying the 40p tax rate."