UK newspaper review: New jail threat for NHS staff

Image caption For the second day in a row stories about the NHS lead several UK newspapers. The i says the government is to introduce prison sentences of up to five years for medical staff who mistreat or neglect their patients. The change follows the scandal at Mid-Staffs where poor care contributed to hundreds of deaths.
Image caption The same story leads the Guardian - reporting that the Health Secretary is set to announce a new criminal offence of "wilful neglect or mistreatment" of a patient. The move was recommended in a review earlier this year carried out by Prof Don Berwick, a former adviser to Barack Obama.
Image caption The Daily Mail leads with a different health-related story. It has what it says is an exclusive - news that from October 2014 people will be able to register with any GP surgery they like. It follows other announcements about changes to GP provision that came on Friday.
Image caption The Daily Express splashes on its favourite topic - weather - and warnings that the UK is set for a heavy fall of snow next week. "A fierce Arctic blast" is to blame. the paper says. Earlier this week, the paper predicted four inches would fall, so forecasts have apparently worsened since then.
Image caption An even more dramatic weather story on the front of the Daily Star, warning of a "Killer Chiller" and temperatures as low as -9C. Panic buying and an "epidemic of chest infections" loom, it says, showing a picture of a woman sweeping a heavy fall of snow from her car.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph combines the two themes of the NHS and winter weather for its lead story on Saturday. It reports on "worrying rises" in the number of operations being cancelled and elderly people "stuck in hospital" - the first signs, it says, of a "winter crisis".
Image caption Elsewhere, the Independent leads with foreign news and China's decision to relax its notorious one child policy. The move, the Chinese government says, is to counteract the rapid ageing of the country's population - a "demographic timebomb" as the paper puts it.
Image caption The Financial Times splits its front page between several foreign stories. Its picture comes from the Philippines, showing a soldier monitoring a curfew in Tacloban city. Below that it carries the story on reform in China, including the one child policy, and further down still, news of Iran's growing tourism industry.
Image caption The Daily Mirror ploughs its own furrow, leading with an exclusive on wanted British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite. The paper says she is wanted in Kenya over seven murders, including those of two pastors, and quotes one police official describing her as "an incredible threat".
Image caption The Times also goes it alone, leading with a story about David Cameron who it says has "provoked a row" by stating that evidence is growing of the link between man-made climate change and disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan. Above is a picture of Prince Charles and Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa.
Image caption Finally, the X Factor is the splash in Saturday's Sun, with the paper saying it can bring readers the contest's winner, four weeks before the final show. "It's Screwbo", the headline screams, referring to contestant Sam Bailey - a prison officer - whom X Factor insiders apparently say is "unbeatable".

Following on from the NHS theme, the Times' cartoon depicts the health secretary in two ways - as "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hunt". One image shows him promising to improve patient care - the other shows him closing an NHS walk-in centre.