Philippines typhoon: UK commits extra £30m in aid

Image caption, The UK is one of a number of countries to pledge aid to help the Philippines

The UK government is to give an extra £30m in emergency aid following the devastating Philippines typhoon, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced.

The UK's assistance following Typhoon Haiyan now stands at £50m. Mr Cameron said that the scale of the disaster was "becoming clearer every day".

He said an RAF C-130 Hercules aircraft would also be sent to help aid workers.

It comes as the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) said donations from the public had reached £33m.

'Rapid response'

The prime minister said at the Sri Lanka Commonwealth summit: "Today I can announce we are providing another £30m to support the UN and the Red Cross emergency appeals and we are also supplying an RAF C-130 Hercules aircraft to help ensure aid workers can move between the worst affected areas and get aid to those who need it."

He added: "A week after Typhoon Haiyan hit, the scale of the disaster is becoming clearer every day - over 3,600 dead, nearly 12 million affected.

"They are going to need sustained help from the international community as they start to rebuild their lives.

"I'm proud of the fact that the UK has taken the lead in international relief with rapid response of warships, aircraft and equipment."

Mr Cameron also praised the generosity of the British people, who have so far donated £33m to the DEC appeal in the UK.

And members of the public have donated items to the Philippines embassy in London to help the relief effort.

Speaking on behalf of the 14 UK aid agencies that make up the DEC, chief executive Saleh Saeed said: "The generosity of the public is yet again surpassing all expectations.

"The aid agencies represented by the Disasters Emergency Committee never take such kindness for granted but this shows that when people are really suffering, the UK responds."

An RAF C-17 aircraft has already arrived in the Philippines, and the C-130 announced by Mr Cameron will also carry aid to the country.

Medical team

The plane's cargo included two diggers, two Land Rovers and a forklift truck with stickers reading "UK aid from the British people", as well as medical supplies.

Image caption, Members of the public have brought donations to the Philippines embassy in London

A team of 12 medical experts from the UK, requested by the Philippines Department of Health, has arrived in the country's capital, Manila.

Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring has been sent to the country from manoeuvres near Singapore.

It is due to be relieved by the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, which is expected to arrive by 25 November from the Gulf.

A British man is reported to be among those missing in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

The storm, which hit last Friday, has killed at least 3,621 people and displaced more than half a million.

A huge international aid effort is under way but widespread infrastructure damage is hampering efforts to distribute it to some areas.

A US aircraft carrier and other American vessels have arrived in the Philippines where the UN estimates 11 million people have been affected.

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