Newspaper review: Prince's christening steals headlines


A newly christened prince beams out from many of the front pages.

The Daily Express has a close-up of him held in his father's hands and the caption: "Meet George, your future king."

For some of the papers it is the only story on the front page, along with further sobriquets.

He is "the perfect prince" in the Daily Telegraph.

In the Daily Mail's picture, the expression on his face is somewhat regal, or at least, he is not smiling. "HRH Grumps," it says, "but by George, he's gorgeous."

"Gorgeous George" is what the Times calls him too, on a picture that takes up the entire front and back page.

The Sun synthesises all that into one brand new word - "Georgeous".

A woman on a mobile phone is pictured in close-up on the Guardian's front page - German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The paper believes the claims that the US has been snooping on her calls have shifted the furore over the scale of American mass surveillance to "incendiary levels".

The Daily Telegraph talks of the White House "scrambling to head off a major diplomatic incident".

Industry shockwaves

According to the Independent, it was "a dark day for Grangemouth" - and "a potentially calamitous one for the UK's energy supply".

The Financial Times says the decision by Ineos to shut the petrochemical plant has sent shockwaves through Scotland's manufacturing sector and the wider UK chemicals industry.

The Guardian sees it as a "shattering blow" for the immediate community - and one which seriously bruises Holyrood's hopes of a viably independent Scottish economy.

The Times accuses the Unite union of "failing its members at Grangemouth" - and says "the largest industrial complex in Scotland may soon cease to exist because of Unite's enthusiasm for conflict with management".

The Daily Mail has a picture of a group of Romanian policemen - in London.

It says eight officers from Romania and three from Poland have been drafted in by Scotland Yard to help British forces combat an eastern European crime wave.

They will apparently do a two-year tour of duty, helping to identify and deport overseas offenders.

Humming noise

Some good news if you cannot start the day without a cappuccino or a skinny latte.

The Daily Telegraph reports research in Milan that suggests people who drink three cups of coffee halve the risk of getting liver cancer.

However, the scientists are not sure whether it is thanks to the coffee or whether coffee drinkers simply have lifestyles that are healthier in other ways.

Finally, several papers report a mysterious humming that has been plaguing residents near Hythe in Hampshire.

The Sun says fed-up locals have been kept awake for a week by the nightly din - some have had to sleep on friends' sofas outside the area to escape the noise.

Scientists think it may come from fish in a nearby estuary. They say the "midshipman fish" produces a droning sound from its swim bladder to attract females.

It can go on for hours - and often gets louder as males try to out-hum each other.

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