Newspaper review: Speculation over Kenya attack


Events surrounding the attack on a shopping centre by suspected al-Shabab militants in Kenya continue to occupy the newspapers.

The Daily Telegraph carries an interview with a British man whose wife and eight-year-old daughter were murdered during the siege at the Westgate mall in Nairobi.

Louis Bawa says his "heart just stopped" when he saw a photograph confirming the deaths.

Meanwhile, according to the Sun, a four-year-old British boy who was caught up in the siege defiantly told one of the killers: "You're a bad man, let us leave."

Instead of shooting him, the gunman gave him two chocolate bars. And the paper reports he let the boy and his mother and sister escape.

The Times reports that MI5 is trawling the records of Britons who might have links with Somalia, home of the militant group al-Shabab, which has said it was behind the attack.

It is a thought explored further in the Daily Mail, which gives details of unconfirmed reports that one of the militants who was killed was a British woman - Samantha Lewthwaite - widow of 7/7 bomber Jermaine Lindsay.

The Daily Mirror speculates on the same reports under the headline: "Have they got the white widow" while the Independent describes the dead as "victims of a multinational terror force".

Mr Responsibility?

There is much focus on shadow chancellor Ed Balls' conference speech on Monday.

The Daily Telegraph says "for all his bluster", the former Treasury minister and education secretary has "done nothing to convince voters that Labour "deserves another try" in government.

But the Guardian reckons that despite the tough warning that he was intending to be an iron chancellor, his conference audience loved him more than ever.

The paper's leader column adds that Mr Balls wants to persuade voters he can stick to Tory plans on day-to-day spending but can make a difference with a "Labour cast on priorities".

When it comes to voters Mr Balls "has a more straightforward task than Mr Miliband", it adds.

The Daily Mirror says Mr Balls' threat to potentially block funding of the HS2 high-speed train line "sensationally derailed" the project.

His comments on HS2 were welcomed by the Daily Mail, which has long questioned the merits of the plan, but it expressed less sympathy about Mr Balls himself and "attempts to pass himself off as Mr Responsibility" on the economy.

$200,000 babies

Staying with Labour proposals, the CBI has criticised plans to cancel a cut in corporation tax, reports the Financial Times.

The organisation says reducing the levy has been one of the coalition's greatest achievements.

According to the Daily Telegraph, wealthy Chinese couples are using American women as surrogate mothers.

They are willing to pay up to $200,000 to agencies to get around the country's one-child policy and obtain US citizenship for their offspring.

The Guardian reports on claims that members of Greece's armed forces have helped to train hit squads linked to a far-right group.

The organisation Golden Dawn is said to have set up a military wing, and is training its members in the art of combat. They are thought to be behind hundreds of attacks on immigrants and gay people.

Hippie dream

A woman who fraudulently claimed £94,000 in benefits makes the front page of the Daily Express.

The paper reports the judge's frustration that the money will be repaid out of the public purse because the defendant is still claiming benefits.

And it's the end of the road for the van that drove the hippie dream, according to the Daily Mail and the Times.

After 63 years, the last Volkswagen campervan will roll off the production line in Brazil on 31 December.

The company says it cannot change production of the vans to comply with new safety regulations.

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