Newspaper review: Nick Clegg conference speech assessed


Nick Clegg's Lib Dem conference speech is assessed in detail in most of the papers.

The "Dr No" of British politics is how the Sun describes the party leader.

It says he "boasted" about a long list of Tory policies he has blocked as he attempted to distance himself from David Cameron. But it reckons the speech could backfire because they are broadly popular with voters.

The Daily Mail accuses the Lib Dem leader of bragging and describes a speech which was sticky and humid with self-satisfaction.

In the Daily Express Mr Clegg is dubbed David Cameron's "devious deputy", while Kevin Maguire in the Daily Mirror considers him to be a poodle with no bite.

The Financial Times believes that Nick Clegg failed to come up with any fresh ideas of his own.

But the Guardian praises a newly authoritative and assured Lib Dem leader whom it believes delivered a well-crafted speech. But it warns that European and local elections are likely to be a severe test.

The Independent comments that Mr Clegg has won over his party and now he must do the same with voters.

'Ripped off'

The 24-hour drinking laws have proved to be a disaster, according to the Daily Mail's lead.

The paper quotes the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, who describes the "cafe culture" as an entirely legitimate experiment which has not worked.

And the Daily Telegraph reports that not a single council has imposed a new fee on bars and clubs to help pay for dealing with the effects of late-night drinking despite having the power for almost a year.

Meanwhile, people saving for their pensions have been "ripped off for years", according to the Daily Telegraph's front page headline.

The paper says that regulators are expected to rule today that hundreds of thousands of workers have been unfairly charged high fees on their retirement pots.

The Independent is among the papers to carry the "good news" that Earth can support life for at least 1.75bn years but then the bad news that climate change could wipe us out long before that.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia have studied seven planets, including Earth, to determine how long they will remain habitable as their stars get hotter and brighter over time.

Strong signal

News that the US central bank unexpectedly said it would not begin scaling back its massive economic stimulus programme is covered widely.

The Independent describes how the Federal Reserve "stunned" financial markets by the decision to leave its economic stimulus measures in place.

The report in the Financial Times says the US central bank has sent a strong signal that it is still concerned about the economy but it believes a taper is likely in the coming months.

The Times believes that on balance the Fed's decision was wrong. It argues that the stimulus will need to be ended eventually and doing it smoothly and in stages would be more likely to promote confidence.

Baffled viewers

Finally, BBC News presenter Simon McCoy, is pictured in most of the papers presenting a story while holding a packet of A4 paper instead of his iPad.

According to the Daily Mirror, he left viewers baffled.

The Sun explains he picked up the paper in a rush during a story about how to deal with drunks and did not have the chance to swap it over.

It publishes a picture of some paper and a picture of an iPad - labelling the items for the presenter to help him work out which one is which.

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