Newspaper review: Papers horrified by Egypt violence


"Hellish", "carnage", "chaos" and "turmoil" is how the so-called day of rage in Egypt is described in some of the papers.

The Times describes how a protest in Cairo's Ramses Square started peacefully but with a "sudden, deafening sound of automatic gunfire" became a street battle.

The Financial Times reports that the crackdown by the military against Islamist supporters of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi has unleashed a wave of violence against Christians in Egypt.

It says at least four people have been killed in religious attacks, and Christian churches, businesses and schools have been destroyed.

Civil war

The Daily Mirror accuses the world's leading powers of standing on the sidelines of what is happening in Egypt and pathetically wringing their hands.

It says the US should suspend its military aid - worth £800m - until there are new elections.

The Guardian, in its leader column, warns that Europe must keep up diplomatic pressure on Egypt's leaders and continue to push for a political solution.

The paper points out that if Egypt descends into civil war the displaced will travel north to Europe.

Fashion designer

Police in West Sussex have been accused of "bowing to the mob", according to the Daily Mail, after drilling was brought to a halt at a potential fracking site in Balcombe.

Business groups and MPs have told the paper the decision - after police said they could not guarantee the site's safety - sets a dangerous precedent.

The Independent is one of several papers to include a photograph of fashion designer and environmental campaigner Dame Vivien Westwood at the protest.

She said the introduction of fracking to the UK was being rushed and said there had been no public debate.

The Sun and the Daily Telegraph report that the Church of England has warned against "blanket opposition" to plans to drill for shale gas, saying new technology could create jobs, cut greenhouse gases and tackle fuel poverty.

Growing concern

Ed Miliband needs to "turn up the volume" and prove he, not the trade unions, runs the Labour Party, former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has told the Times.

In remarks reminiscent of Iain Duncan Smith's vow to make more impact as Tory leader, Mr Straw also called on Mr Miliband to defend the record of the previous Labour government.

His comments come as the Sun accuses Labour of backing controversial rent controls just days after the Unite union told the party to support the plans.

The paper says there is growing concern within Labour about the influence of the unions.

Royal baby

Mo Farah has "raced into a league of his own", according to the Daily Telegraph, and most of the papers include a photograph of the runner in Moscow beaming with delight as he completed the "double double" of Olympic and world titles at 5,000 and 10,000 metres.

The Guardian puts a question mark after calling him the greatest British athlete but the Daily Mirror, the Sun and the Daily Express have already decided he is.

Almost a month after the international hysteria that met the birth of Prince George, the Royal Family is celebrating another new arrival.

Tucked away on page 17 of the Daily Express and only page 21 of the Daily Mirror is the news that Lord Freddie Windsor and his wife, actress Sophie Winkleman, have had a baby girl.

Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor, who weighed in at 7lbs, is 42nd in line to the throne.

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