Rolf Harris faces new Yewtree sex offences allegations

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Rolf Harris has been a fixture on British TV screens for more than 40 years

Australian entertainer Rolf Harris has been re-arrested by police over further allegations of sexual offences.

He was first arrested in March by officers from Operation Yewtree, set up after claims of sex abuse were made against BBC presenter Jimmy Savile.

His arrests are not connected to the Savile investigation.

The Metropolitan Police said an 83-year-old had been "further arrested in connection with further allegations", and rebailed until later in August.

Operation Yewtree was set up following the death of Savile in 2011, when hundreds of sex abuse allegations came to light.

The Met Police have not named Mr Harris, instead describing him as Yewtree 5.

He has been a fixture on British TV screens for more than 40 years, having arrived in the UK from his native Australia in 1952.

In May, Mr Harris, who lives in Berkshire, made his first public appearance since his arrest at a live show in Bristol.

He received multiple standing ovations and thanked fans for their support.

Operation Yewtree has three strands. One is looking specifically at the actions of Savile, while the second strand concerns allegations against "Savile and others".

The third strand relates to alleged complaints against other people unconnected to the Savile investigation.