Newspaper review: Murray's win celebrated


Monday's newspapers pay homage to Andy Murray's Wimbledon win with lavish front pages, souvenir pull-outs and volleys of superlatives.

"History in his hands" is the Daily Mirror's headline over a picture of Murray holding his golden trophy aloft.

"Now it'll be "Arise Sir Andy" declares the Daily Mail over a picture of him kissing the cup.

The same moment is captured on the front of the Sun and Daily Star.

Across the front and back of the Times is one huge photo of Murray being lauded by the crowds on Centre Court, and the words: "The history boy".

Matthew Engel in the Financial Times says "perhaps the most infamous losing run in world sport finally came to an end" as Murray became the first British men's winner since 1936.

"There was no mistaking the relief that swept the country," says the Daily Telegraph, "as a 77-year hoodoo was lifted on a joyous summer day."

The Independent and Guardian both sum it up with the simple headline: "Champion".

Noting that "people will no doubtless attempt to spin this very human story in wider ways" an editorial in the Guardian notes that the "simple truth about yesterday is that this is not our victory - it's Murray's. A superb achievement".

The Daily Express calls him "Magical Murray" and talks of "a weekend of memorable sporting glory," reminding readers that the Lions' also had a "magnificent victory" over the Wallabies and Chris Froome leads in the Tour de France.

Growing reputation

There are plaudits for Theresa May after the deportation of the extremist cleric Abu Qatada.

According to the Daily Express, the home secretary deserves immense credit for the patience and persistence she has shown in delivering this outcome.

The Sun reports Ms May is having the last laugh on those who mocked her when she was handed one of the great offices of state.

It calls her the most underrated politician and the best home secretary in years.

The Independent believes this "rare good news bulletin from the Home Office" will enhance Mrs May's growing reputation inside the Conservative Party - and her prospects of succeeding David Cameron as its leader.

A leading article in the Times says the deportation is a triumph for democratic values as the government adhered to the due process that is at the heart of a constitutional society.

The Daily Mirror says we should be proud we did it properly. To have bundled Abu Qatada onto a flight unlawfully would have damaged our standing, it adds.

The Daily Mail hopes Qatada's deportation is just a start. "Well done Mrs May," it says, " for the others."

Standing room only

There are many photographs of packed beaches yesterday, the hottest day of the year when temperatures in some areas reached 30C (86F).

According to the Daily Mirror, the sunshine was worth an estimated £1.5bn to the tourist industry - and the heatwave could last for 10 days.

The Daily Mail carries a picture of a packed Southend-on-Sea beach. "Standing room only," it says.

Imran Khan has been talking to the Daily Telegraph about the accident during an election rally in May in which he fell 15ft from a platform on a forklift truck when it toppled over.

The former cricket star says he is still in agonising pain and is coming to Britain in the next 48 hours for specialist treatment.

The Daily Mail has spoken to a woman who won £7,500 in compensation after suing Halifax Bank of Scotland for harassment.

Amanda Roberts, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, received 550 phone calls in seven months after missing a single payment on a loan.

A spokesman for the bank tells the paper its procedures "have long since been updated".

Finally, the Sun tells how a skint musician has been earning some money by playing with a UB40 tribute band called UB42 at a pub in Ipswich.

The musician, who plays saxophone in the tribute band, is Brian Travers - a founding member of the real UB40.

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