BBC class calculator wins data journalism award

The BBC's Great British Class Calculator has won a data journalism award.

The Global Editor's Network Data Journalism Awards recognise outstanding work and editorial excellence in the field of data journalism.

The calculator allows you to find out which one of seven social classes you most closely match.

It is based on data from BBC Lab UK's Great British Class Survey, the largest ever study of class in the UK.

The calculator was produced by the BBC News Visual Journalism team in collaboration with BBC Knowledge and Learning. It won the "data-driven applications" category.

"The Visual Journalism team is absolutely delighted to win this award. We are proud of our family of calculators which put the user right at the heart of the story," said Amanda Farnsworth, editor of the BBC News Visual Journalism team.

"The class calculator was personal, shareable and also fun. They say the British have always been obsessed with class, perhaps the class calculator proves that's still true!"

The data from the Great British Class survey was analysed by Professors Mike Savage and Fiona Devine and their teams at the London School of Economics and the Universities of York and Manchester.

They identified a new model of class with seven social classes, ranging from the Elite at the top to a 'Precariat' at the bottom.

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