Newspaper review: Warning over NHS hospitals' future


For its main story, the Times says an alliance of doctors, managers and patients has warned that hospitals will have to close to save the NHS from collapsing under the burden of a multi-billion pound deficit.

According to the paper, the Academy of Royal Colleges, the NHS Confederation and patient group National Voices call for a huge transfer of resources out of hospitals and into the community.

They say this will bring about improvements in patient care through preventative measures and earlier intervention.

According to the Independent's main story, Chancellor George Osborne has warned cabinet ministers refusing to reduce their spending that they will be punished with deeper cuts if they hold out until the last minute.

The paper says Mr Osborne is to announce £11.5bn of cuts for the 2015-16 financial year in three weeks' time, but so far only £2.5bn has been agreed, as ministers try to protect their departments from being squeezed any further.

Road hogs

The Daily Telegraph reports that Commons Speaker John Bercow has said Eastern European immigrants to Britain show more "aptitude and commitment" to work than British people.

Mr Bercow is said to have made the comments during an official visit to the Romanian parliament last week.

The paper adds that in remarks that have raised questions about his political neutrality, the speaker also attacked British critics of recent trends in immigration for their "bellicose and strident tone".

New police powers to fine motorists in Britain who hog the middle lane on a motorway or drive too close to the car in front make the lead for the Daily Mail.

It describes the powers as a crackdown on anti-social motoring. But it says it is likely that only the worst drivers, who misbehave over half a mile or more, will be pulled over.

The Guardian says David Cameron has asked the senior ministers of all British Overseas Territories to go to London on the eve of the G8 summit in Fermanagh later this month.

He will urge them to root out tax evasion by signing up to agreements to share information.

Britain has made a clampdown on tax avoidance the central theme of the G8 summit, the paper adds, and the prime minister has decided that he cannot be a credible chairman if he is not seen to be trying to put his own house in order.

Cat nabbed

There are warm tributes to the Queen after the service at Westminster Abbey marking the 60th anniversary of her Coronation.

The Daily Mail describes her as the "truest trouper of our times". She has remained utterly constant in her duty, as secure in the public's affection and respect at 87 as she was on that jubilant, rainy day in 1953, it says.

That the weather was better and the sun shone, the Daily Mirror says, was a fitting verdict on her reign.

In the words of the Daily Express, a great monarch is on the throne and she is continuing to do a great job.

Finally, a cat has been "detained" in Russia after it was involved in a plot to smuggle mobile phones into a prison.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the feline intruder was seized by guards after they noticed him prowling along the perimeter fence of the jail in the north of the country with a suspicious package strapped to his stomach.

Closer inspection showed he was carrying two mobile telephones and two adaptors, clearly destined for inmates.

The prison authorities said the cat was "detained in the act of trying to deliver forbidden objects".

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