Newspaper review: Cyprus crisis not yet over


The crisis in Cyprus continues to dominate the papers, with the Telegraph saying the tragedy is still unfolding.

Its banking sector is not being restructured so much as demolished thanks largely to Berlin's desire to punish what it sees as a haven for Russian funny money, the paper says.

The Sun says that across Europe, banks wobble. It says that Brussels has suggested no savings are safe from being seized by the EU in eurozone countries, and that the euro is a dead duck.

The Daily Mail says that EU leaders have shown a new level of ruthlessness in by-passing democracy to impose their will.

According to the Independent, the markets have been spooked by the suggestion that the Cypriot bailout deal is a model for future European rescues.

The Financial Times leads with what it says is "a watershed in how the eurozone deals with failing banks", as the burden of risk is shifted from taxpayers to investors.

Immigration matters

Prime Minister David Cameron's speech on immigration is dissected in the papers.

The Telegraph says he will not be able to reach the voters who are most worried about immigration as long as he treats it, as he did on Monday, as primarily an economic issue.

For many, says the paper, it's not just a matter of jobs being taken or public services being stretched, but of changes in the very character of communities

The Times says that a political consensus is emerging over immigration, but the question remains over whether anyone can fix the practical problems of meeting its aims.

While the Star says there is no doubting the prime minister's determination to curb immigration, it asks even though he can talk the talk, can he walk the walk?

'Too posh to wash'

The Guardian reports that nursing students will be required to spend a year on the wards feeding and washing patients before they can qualify.

It says ministers hope the measure will help to prevent a repeat of the scandal that emerged at Stafford Hospital, where hundreds of patients died of neglect.

The Daily Mail welcomes an "admirable attempt" to return nursing to its core value of compassion.

The Daily Telegraph says there's been criticism that some nursing graduates are "too posh to wash".

Young millionaire

Several front pages include a picture of 17-year-old Nick D'Aloisio who has apparently made £20m by developing an app and selling it to Yahoo.

The FT described him as a software prodigy living the Silicon Valley dream. But he won't be moving to California just yet, says the Guardian, as he wants to finish his A-levels.

The Independent says he has been developing software in his bedroom in Wimbledon, south London, since the age of 12.

The Express pays tribute to the "heroes of the big freeze". It says mountain rescue teams and RAF helicopters, one flown by Prince William, have helped hundreds of people cut off by heavy snow across the country.

Many of the papers carry a grainy image of what is purported to be an escaped monkey beneath a tree in a park in Dorset.

The Sun points out the park is 10 miles from the Monkey World attraction in Wool - though no primates have been reported missing.