Newspaper review: Debate continues over gay marriage


The Times reports that a High Court judge has criticised the government for its plans to allow same sex couples to marry.

Sir Paul Coleridge, who founded the Marriage Foundation, tells the paper that the coalition should instead focus on supporting people who are already married.

A survey carried out for the Independent suggests that people want the government to go further on gay marriage and allow Church of England vicars to conduct same-sex weddings.

The Daily Mail says couples who need residential care in their old age could face bills of at least £150,000.

The paper says the government is considering capping the amount individuals have to pay at £75,000 which could mean thousands of pensioners will have to sell their homes.

Olympic opinions

According to the Daily Telegraph, the National Audit Office is to investigate the redundancy packages that have been given to senior staff at the BBC.

It says almost 200 senior managers have received pay-offs of more than £100,000 in the last three years.

A poll for the Guardian has found that more people have a positive view of the London Olympics now than at the height of Team GB's success.

Some 78% of the people questioned, it says, believe the Games "did a valuable job of cheering up the country", despite its £9bn cost.

Bad weather

But there is less love for the Olympics in the Daily Telegraph.

Organisers of London 2012 have been accused of leaving Greenwich Park in a worse state than before the Games began.

The park was the venue for equestrian events during the Olympics.

Local residents are quoted as saying that parts of the park have been left as a quagmire six months after the Olympics have finished.

Games organiser Locog said it was hampered by bad weather.

Tape measures

Traffic wardens in north Wales are going to new lengths to catch out drivers who park badly, according to the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express.

They report that Gwynedd Council has issued its parking attendants with tape measures and rulers to ensure vehicles are no more than 19ins from the kerb.

Anyone flouting the new rule will be given a £70 fine.

The plan is to to stop thoughtless motorists causing congestion or restricting visibility for pedestrians.

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