Paralympic Games: Fans enjoy fun in the sun at Park

Fans in the Olympic Park on Saturday
Image caption Fans have filled the Olympic Park day after day during the Paralympics

It may be the final weekend of action in the Olympic Park - but fans in attendance on Saturday were determined not to be downhearted and to make the most of every minute.

Huge crowds flocked to the Park again in record temperatures, and whether or not they had tickets for any of the action did not seem to make any difference to their enjoyment of the day.

Everywhere you looked people were strolling around, stopping for photos, or just sitting down and taking it all in.

People seem to realise that attending the Paralympics and the Olympics is likely to be something they may never do again, and as a result they are all there for a good time.

This is helped by the attitude of the much-praised Games Makers volunteers who are there from the minute the public leave the various Stratford stations.

Their humour and genuine good-naturedness ensures people are in the right frame of mind straight away.

Some wear big foam hands and high-five young and old members of the crowd inching their way to the Park.

Others are on megaphones bellowing out catchphrases like: "Anyone not smiling is not allowed into the Park" or singing: "If you are happy and you know it clap your hands".

As soon as they get into the Park, almost everybody takes pictures under the pink entry signs with the Olympic Stadium in the background before making their way to their venue.

Image caption Andy Paschal has worked at both the Olympics and Paralympics

First thing in the morning many make their way to the athletics but others are happy just to be in the Park - either to sit by the big screen or to visit one of the other venues with a Day Pass ticket.

Andy Paschal, a Games Maker from London who has worked in the Park through the Olympics and Paralympics, says the atmosphere has been equally good at each set of Games.

He said: "I think a lot of people don't want the Games to finish - they want it to carry on because of that feel-good factor."

Image caption Dave Rutland has been a fan of the Paralympics his entire life

One of the fans - Dave Rutland from Milton Keynes - had attended Olympics athletics events before watching Paralympic athletics on Saturday morning.

He and his family spent the afternoon in the Park Live site but out of view of the big screen. Instead he was in an area where his children could roll down the hill to their heart's content.

He said: "It's really quite chilled with a generally friendly atmosphere."

Image caption Anne Farmer and her grandson Nathan loved the atmosphere

Anne Farmer from Aylesbury also attended both Games. She has been using a wheelchair to get around because "of the vastness of the Park".

She added: "I think the atmosphere is absolutely marvellous. It is London at its best and the English people at their best."

The verdict of her nine-year-old grandson Nathan: "It's pretty good."

Anne Croasdell from Bakewell had watched swimming in the morning and was due to see the evening's athletics.

Image caption Anne Croasdell was enjoying a bumper day of prime events in the Olympic Park

She said "It is really well-organised, it all flowed very well and all the people in the pink uniforms (Games Makers) making everyone cheer. It's such good fun!"

Everyone agreed that the Monday morning blues would hit hard than ever this week.

Games Maker Mr Paschal said: "It's going to be strange. When you are getting up every morning and know you are coming to a place where you are going to see at least 250,000 people - knowing I won't be coming here it will be different and I think I will miss it."

The end of the day proved as irresistible to spectators as the start with many still milling around in the Park more than an hour after the end of the athletics.