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Australian minister Kate Lundy rows in Games forfeit

image captionKate Lundy, wearing the Team GB shirt, showed herself to be a good sport

Australia's sports minister has rowed in a Team GB shirt after losing a wager with her UK counterpart about who would win more gold medals at the Olympics.

Kate Lundy rowed a length of the course at Eton Dorney in Berkshire after losing the bet with Hugh Robertson.

Team GB gained 65 medals, including 29 golds, while Australia took home 35 medals in total with seven golds.

Had he lost Mr Robertson had agreed to dribble a hockey ball while wearing an Australian jersey.

'Ritual humiliation'

A keen rower and patron of the Canberra Rowing Club, Ms Lundy said: "It's a fantastic opportunity. I'm very grateful to the minister for suggesting this should be my ritual humiliation."

Mr Robertson said: "I'd rather not use the word humiliation. There was a bet and a forfeit and we both wanted to pick a sport we were familiar with."

Crowds cheered her on as she used Australian oars with a Union flag sticker on them.

Land Of Hope And Glory and Rule Britannia were played as she made her way down the 1,000m course.

While Team GB had its best ever Olympics the Australian team was widely considered to have under-performed.

The two ministers agreed to the bet at a meeting in Melbourne in March to promote London 2012.

Meanwhile, Ms Lundy hinted at gaining revenge on Mr Robertson during the next big Anglo-Australian sporting event: "It will be interesting to see what happens on the Lions tour [next year]."

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