What are the issues behind women bishops vote?

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image captionTears and jubilation greeted the general synod's vote to allow women bishops

The Church of England on Monday is expected to adopt legislation allowing women to become bishops, bringing to a head decades of wrangling over the issue.

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image captionThen Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said the Church had "lost a measure of credibility" after the November 2012 rejection
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image captionSome evangelicals are convinced the Bible teaches that male headship is what God wills, both in individual families, and in the family of the Church, but others disagree
image captionArchbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said there is a "change of mood" in the Church on the issue which makes him very optimistic
image captionPat Storey is the first woman Anglican bishop in the UK and Ireland. There are between 20 and 30 active Anglican women bishops in the world
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image captionThe Archbishop of Canterbury performed the marriage service of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011
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image captionIt is not only some men who are opposed to female bishops - more than 2,000 women from within the Church of England signed a petition against them