You in '52: FAQs

The BBC News website's guide to life in early 1950s Britain - You in '52 - which attempts to explain what life was like 60 years ago, has been popular.

We have received dozens of emails asking a range of questions. Here are the answers to those asked most frequently.

Where did you get the information from?

We obtained the information from a variety of sources, depending on the topic. We went to a number of experts in each field. Source names are listed beneath the feature. Where available, there are links to the detailed information we mention in the guide.

Why doesn't the guide take into account age, ethnicity, education or where people live?

We tried to keep the feature simple and easy to use. It is intended to give people a flavour and general overview of adult life in early 1950s Britain, rather than a fully detailed breakdown of what it would have been like for each gender, age group, class, ethnic group and region of the UK. We have therefore tried to recreate a generalised experience based on class and gender. We realise, of course, that some people's individual experience may fall outside this focus.

Why do a number of 2012 options lead to the same 1952 result?

As explained in the feature, choices were much more limited in the early 1950s. In particular, many music categories had not yet been defined. This means a number of your 2012 answer options will lead to the same 1952 result.

I was alive in 1952 and my life was nothing like the ones presented in the feature. Why?

The feature is aimed at people who have little or no knowledge of what life was like 60 years ago. It is intended to give them a taster of how adults lived in the early 1950s. It is not meant to give an account of every individual experience.

Where can I pass on my memories of the Queen's 60-year reign?

You can submit your recollections to the BBC here.