Have you been where the Queen's been?

Queen Elizabeth II is probably the best-travelled monarch in history. To mark her Diamond Jubilee we have plotted Her Majesty's state and official visits to major cities around the globe over the past 60 years. Use the map or list to compare how many countries you have been to with the number visited by the Queen - 116 (excluding the UK). Then share the result and watch highlights of her tours in the videos below.


How to count your countries

Select countries you have been to from the list. You will see the the number of countries change in the panel below. Selecting a country on the list highlights its capital on the map. Click on it again to undo.

You can also select cities from the map. Only the number of countries will change, so it doesn't matter if you click on several cities in the same country.

Share your result with friends and followers.

I've been to 0 of the 116 countries #wherethequeensbeen

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