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Titanic: Faces of the crew


To mark the 100th anniversary of Titanic's fateful maiden voyage, the BBC has brought together 250 photos of the ship's crew in one of the biggest collections of its kind. Find out more about the people who worked on the ship by rolling over the images.

Note: Not all images of those who survived are contemporaneous to 1912. In the photos above we have categorised postal staff, guarantee group and orchestra as crew.


Overall figures from National Museums Northern Ireland . Crew breakdown from Encyclopedia Titanica . Total figures for the number of passengers, crew and survivors do vary between sources partly because the official passenger list did not record trip cancellations or people travelling under different names.

Images courtesy of: Southampton City Council Arts & Heritage ; Eaton & Haas Photo Collection, Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy, third edition; Guild of Benevolence of the Institute of Marine Engineering ; Belfast Titanic Society; Brian Ticehurst; Ken Kirkman; Colin Wilsher; Bob Burr; John Creamer; James Cronan; Philip Littlejohn. Picture research by Michael Stoddard and Dave Fredericks.