Eurostar delays: Your stories

Thousands of travellers have faced disruption after Eurostar services were delayed by an overhead power cable fault in France.

Passengers were delayed by up to nine hours and Eurostar has cancelled a number of trains scheduled for Tuesday.

BBC website readers who were on board have been contacting the BBC with their stories.

Debbie Goodier

I only went to France for a day trip to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my husband.

We were delayed two hours on the way out and then kept stopping on the way back.

After six hours we had only got from Paris to Calais. There were no announcements.

It was hard to know what was going on but I do have to say the train staff members were excellent.

Overall the journey took us four times longer than expected.

Ryan Armstrong

We left Paris at 13:13 with a double-booked train full of people because the train before was cancelled.

We arrived at London St Pancras nine hours later. We missed a connecting flight to Amsterdam and now have no way of recovering the costs caused by the problems today.

I went to Paris to run the half marathon so I was so tired! This was the last thing I needed.

We were basically on the train for nine hours. We hardly moved there was a lot of standing still. At one point the power was cut off so we couldn't see anything or get any information.

It was snowing heavily outside. Our train was towed to another station where we stayed for one hour, we then went to another station and transferred lines on to Lille but in a separate incident people were on the tracks so we were delayed further.

Therese Kelly

Image caption Police officers patrolled a delayed Eurostar train

I was stuck on the Eurostar train 9030 for eight hours.

I arrived in London on a flight from New York and got straight on the Eurostar around 14:00 to Paris on business.

I arrived in Paris after 01:00, local time.

We had no announcements about why the train was so delayed or why it kept stopping.

The train didn't move for hours.

At one point policemen started walking through our carriage of the train but they wouldn't speak to us.

I thought "Oh God, are we in the middle of some security breach?"

I was really scared. The whole train journey was brutal, totally brutal.

Your comments

They were great on our train; our lovely train manager kept us fully informed with regular updates and all the information he could get. We were over five hours late; Eurostar will give us our money back, a return trip for free, and I'm currently in a hotel in Paris - at their expense as I missed my onward connection. Pretty good customer service, I reckon.Adam

Total hell! No information, and when we were given some information, it was inaccurate. Lack of supplies water was all sold out, no food or drink! Took the 18:13 train from Paris and arrived at 01:30 local time in St. Pancras.Nicholas Mathioudakis

Our train leaving Paris was cancelled, but we were all given tickets and seats in the following train only to find the train was already half full. We ended up spending the journey sat in the doorway of the train. When we got out the tunnel (after seven hours) we were amazed to read on the Eurostar website we had 'arrived in London' sometime before.Sarah Groves

During the whole six hour trip we were never allowed fresh air even though we stopped at stations for some time and worst of all most toilets didn't even have water to wash your hands with! it was vile and disgusting.Guillaume Schpektor

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