Strikes: How was the UK affected?


Thousands of public sector workers took industrial action on Wednesday in protest at planned changes to their pensions.

The strike caused schools to close and the cancellation or postponement of many non-emergency hospital appointments. Some airport staff were on strike, but disruption to travel was minimal.

Photo: Demonstrators with signs and banners

Strike in numbers

  • Council workers on strike (England, Scotland and Wales) 850,500
  • Unions backing strike 29


  • Appointments cancelled 54,000
  • Operations cancelled 7,000 (approx)

Schools closed

  • UK total 18,342 68%
  • England 13,349 62%
  • Scotland 2,667 99%
  • Wales 1,526 86%
  • Northern Ireland 800 66%

Source: Dept for Education, TUC, NHS figures, LGA, Cosla