Rockers reunited: Brighton Burn Up

In the mid 1950s, at the birth of rock and roll, teenage bikers were lured by camaraderie, the smell of oil and leathers, and the prospect of open roads without speed limits - and for some the passion has never gone away.

Hundreds of mature rockers, and younger generations, have made an annual pilgrimage from one of their old haunts - the Ace Cafe in northwest London - to the seafront in Brighton, where some clashed 50 years ago with scooter-loving mods.

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Only black and white photos have captions. Archive images courtesy Ace Cafe Archive, Getty Images and Press Association.

Music by Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Mike Sarne, The Who and Johnny Kidd and The Pirates.

Slideshow production by Dan Cairns and Paul Kerley. Publication date 13 September 2011.

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