London riots: Before-and-after images

Burned-out shells are all that remain of some buildings targeted in riots in parts of London over the weekend. Google's Streetview offers a reminder of how the buildings looked before they were attacked.

Carpetright building, High Road, Tottenham
Carpetright building, Tottenham High Road The landmark Carpetright building in Tottenham High Road was set ablaze on Saturday night.
Carpetright building, Tottenham High Road Fire crews were still working at the scene on Sunday morning morning, when all that remained was a shell.
Carpetright building, Tottenham High Road taken by Google Streetview The Google Streetview shows how the building looked before the riots.
Jewellery store, High Road, Tottenham
Tottenham High Road A jewellery shop and the flats behind it were gutted after being set alight.
Tottenham High Road The High Road shop was on the corner with Dowsett Road.
Solicitors' offices, High Road, Tottenham
Tottenham High Road A solicitor's office further along the High Road was also targeted and set ablaze.
Tottenham High Road

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