Phone hacking: The main players

More than 4,000 people have been indentified as potential victims of phone hacking at the News of the World. Explore the pictures below to see those touched by the scandal. For more detailed information, see our full table.

  • Key figures

    The News of the World (NoW) was part of Rupert Murdoch's News International newspaper group - itself the UK arm of the media mogul's News Corporation global empire. Former NoW editor Rebekah Brooks is its current chief executive. On 8 July, another ex-NoW editor, Andy Coulson, was arrested and later bailed in connection with the hacking allegations. Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire has served a prison sentence for his part in the scandal.

    • Rupert Murdoch
      Rupert Murdoch
      Chief Exec, News Corp
    • Rebecca Broks
      Rebekah Brooks
      Chief Exec, News International
    • Andy Coulson
      Andy Coulson
      Ex-NoW editor
    • Glenn Mulcaire
      Glenn Mulcaire
      Private investigator
  • Journalists

    Ex-NoW royal editor Clive Goodman was jailed in 2007 for intercepting messages, while NoW journalists Ian Edmondson, Neville Thurlbeck and James Weatherup, along with Press Association reporter Laura Elston, have been arrested and bailed in connection with the hacking claims. Alex Marunchak denies receiving unlawfully obtained material. Other NoW journalists, Sean Hoare and Paul McMullan, have spoken about hacking at the paper.

    • Clive Goodman
      Clive Goodman
      Ex-NoW royal editor
    • Ian Edmondson
      Ian Edmondson
      Ex-NoW assistant editor
    • Neville Thurlbeck
      Neville Thurlbeck
      NoW chief reporter
    • James Weatherup
      James Weatherup
      Ex-NoW reporter
    • Seane Hoare
      Sean Hoare
      Ex-NoW reporter
    • paul McMullan
      Paul McMullan
      Ex-NoW journalist
    • Alex Marunchak
      Alex Marunchak
      Ex-NoW journalist
    • Laura Elston
      PA agency journalist
  • Victims and alleged victims

    Members of the public

    It was the claims that the NoW hacked into the phones of those affected by crime, the families of 7/7 victims and the relatives of the armed forces that led the government to announce a public inquiry. Among those believed to have been targeted are murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, the parents of Soham girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and the spokesman for missing Madeleine McCann's family.

    • Clarence Mitchell
      Clarence Mitchell
      McCann spokesman
    • Colin Stagg
      Colin Stagg
      Wrongly arrested
    • Graham foulkes
      Graham Foulkes
      7/7 victim's father
    • Sean Cassidy
      Sean Cassidy
      7/7 victim's father
    • Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman
      Parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman
    • Milly Dowler
      Milly Dowler
      Murder victim
    • Brendan Montague
      Freelance journalist
  • Celebrities and staff

    Big-name celebrities are among those who suspect their phone messages were intercepted. Some of those have settled their cases with the newspaper and have received damages, others are taking legal action and seeking judicial review.

    • Steve Coogan
      Steve Coogan
      Actor and Comedian
    • Kelly Hoppen
      Kelly Hoppen
      Interior designer
    • Chris Tarrant
      Chris Tarrant
      TV presenter
    • Max Clifford
      Max Clifford
    • Elle Macpherson
      Elle Macpherson
    • Andy Gray
      Andy Gray
      TV presenter
    • Nicola Philips
      Assistant to Max Clifford
    • Leslie Ash & Lee Chapman
      Leslie Ash/Lee Chapman
    • Ryan Giggs
      Ryan Giggs
    • Jude Law
      Jude Law
    • paul Gascoigne
      Paul Gascoigne
    • Hugh Grant
      Hugh Grant
    • Sienna Miller
      Sienna Miller
    • Wayne Rooney
      Wayne Rooney
  • Public figures and staff

    As well as celebrities, other public figures and their staff also believe they were targeted. Among them are Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott, ex-Olympics minister Tessa Jowell and her estranged husband David Mills, as well as former Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick.

    • George Galloway
      George Galloway
      Former MP
    • Sky Andrew
      Sky Andrew
    • Kieren Fallon
      Kieren Fallon
    • Tessa Jowell
      Tessa Jowell
      Former minister
    • Joan Hammell
      Lord Prescott's ex-aide
    • David Mills
      David Mills
    • Lord Prescott
      Lord Prescott
      Ex-deputy PM
    • Chris Bryant
      Chris Bryant
      Ex-Labour minister
    • Brian paddick
      Brian Paddick
      Ex-senior Met officer
    • Helen Asprey
      Royal aide
    • Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton
      Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton
      Royal secretary
    • Gordon Taylor
      Gordon Taylor
      PFA chief exec
    • Jo Armstrong
      PFA legal adviser
    • John Hewison
      PFA lawyer
    • Paddy Harverson
      Royal communications
    • Simon Hughes
      Simon Hughes
      Lib Dem deputy leader
    • George Osborne
      George Osborne
    • Micheal Mansfield
      Michael Mansfield