Royal wedding: Where were you?

Billions of people across the world have watched and celebrated the royal wedding of Prince William and his newly titled bride the Duchess of Cambridge at Westminster Abbey, in England.

However, many people have desperately tried to avoid the whole affair.

Here is a selection of BBC website readers, with their accounts of how they chose to spend the day.

Alex Sullivan, Canvey Island, Essex, England

I am very proud to live down Prince William Avenue, on Canvey Island on the Thames today!

Celebrations here are going well. Family and friends have gathered to watch the wedding on the BBC.

We are toasting the royal couple with a glass of champagne, followed by a royal wedding party.

Peter Barnes, Surrey, England

I for one will not be sitting around waiting for Will and Kate to sign on the dotted line.

For me it is not the FA cup final.

I would rather be doing something I consider more productive away from work.

I will spend the day at home practising the guitar for a new track I am working on.

Then I plan to practice jumping turning kicks for a Taekwondo grading coming up in September.

And then I might go for a relaxing swim and sauna.

Cheers Kate and William thanks for the day off!

Alison Dunsby, Sydney, Australia

We all dressed up in our hats, tiaras and red, white and blue. My guests range from the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

We had pork and beef cooking on the barbecue on the decking and the wine was flowing but unfortunately we did have a little rain.

We decorated our place with balloons, streamers, bunting and huge union jacks.

The TVs were on - we had the lyrics for Jerusalem and sang along.

There were a few tears from those of us who are homesick!

Laura Konkel, St Andrews, Scotland

I'm a member of the Lumsden Club at St Andrews University. We've been busy all morning preparing for a huge celebration for the students of St Andrews University.

We set up a television and have all been crowded around watching the wedding!

Five hundred students will be arriving this afternoon when we will toast this amazing event!

Kim Chanbonpin, Chicago, US

Azu (the dog) and I have been up since 0300, Chicago time, watching BBC America's coverage of the Royal Wedding.

We have been celebrating with friends from Hawaii, San Francisco, and London via Facebook.

Everyone else in our household is still asleep!

Alan Woodcock, Hull, England

The residents of St Anthony's Close, Inglemire Avenue, in Hull, England got together for a street party.

Around 24 children are taking part will family and friends of all ages.

There are games, a bouncy castle and a royal wedding bonnet competition.

Helen Blackburn, Midlothian, Scotland

I'm working all day and so far have managed to avoid all mention of royal weddings. I don't own a TV so I won't have to suffer when I go home.

I'm just about to get organised for a staff meeting this afternoon.

I love my newspaper on Saturdays and Sundays, but I won't bother this week as they will be full of sycophantic drivel.

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