Royal wedding: What past events were like

How royal weddings have changed - and stayed the same - in the past 100 years, from that of William's great-grandparents to his father's second marriage. Watch clips of these events, drawn from the BBC's archives, on our History of Royal Weddings page.

Recipe for a royal wedding

Happy couple British dress Uniformed groom Controversy Notable gifts What they ate Key quote
Elizabeth and Albert

Prince Albert (George VI) and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923

Tick - white background

By court dressmaker Mme Handley Seymour

Tick - white background

His Royal Air Force uniform

First British "commoner" to marry into the royal family in about 200 years - she only accepted his proposal at the third attempt

Jewellery from his parents, King George V and Queen Mary, and the Strathmore Rose Tiara from her father

Supremes de saumon Reine Mary (salmon filets), cotelettes d'agneau Prince Albert (lamb cutlets), fraises Duchesse Elizabeth (strawberries)

"Ma gnikniht oot hcum"

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, using mirror writing code in her private diary, on her indecision about marrying royalty

[translation: "Am thinking too much"]

Elizabeth and Philip

Princess Elizabeth (soon to be queen) and Philip Mountbatten, 1947

Tick - grey background

Designed by Norman Hartnell

Tick - grey background

His Royal Navy uniform

With rationing still in place, women sent clothing coupons to help the princess obtain material for her dress. These had to be sent back, as it was illegal to give them away

Gift of cake ingredients from Australian Girl Guides

Ingredients for wedding cake from Australian Girl Guides and cotton shawl woven by Gandhi - Queen Mary mistook it for a loin-cloth

Filet de sole Mountbatten, perdreau en casserole (partridge), bombe glacee Princess Elizabeth

"I was so happy and enjoying myself so much that I became completely selfish and forgot about your feelings or anyone else's!"

Elizabeth, in a letter to her mother while on honeymoon

Antony and Margaret

Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones (Lord Snowdon), 1960

Tick - white background

Designed by Norman Hartnell

Cross - white background

Morning dress, as he was a civilian

Five years earlier, Margaret cancelled plans to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend, he was divorced and this displeased the political establishment and the Church

Ten acres in Mustique, a private island in the West Indies, on which Margaret built a beloved retreat

Filet de boeuf Princesse, haricot vert, souffle surprise Montmorency

"I'm not royal. I'm just married to one"

Lord Snowdon, as he grew tired of official duties

Mark and Anne

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 1973

Tick - grey background

Designed by Maureen Baker

Tick - grey background

Dress uniform of his regiment, Queen's Dragoon Guards

Only second time in more than 200 years that a British royal had married a commoner - they met through a shared interest in horses

Horse-related gifts, including custom-made Western saddle from Levi Strauss Ltd

Many equestrian gifts - and a rug from the Cabinet for which ministers chipped in £10.53 each

Lobster, partridge, fresh peas, peppermint ice cream, and 5ft 6ins (168cm) wedding cake - the bride's height

"An occupational hazard of being a wife"

Anne, on pregnancy

Diana and Charles

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, 1981

Tick - white background

Designed by Emanuel

Tick - white background

His Royal Navy uniform

She omitted the traditional promise to obey her husband - unlike other royal brides

More than 6,000 gifts, including solid gold model of a sailing dhow from Emir of Bahrain, thought to be worth £500,000-£1m

Quenelle of brill in lobster sauce, Princess of Wales chicken (chicken breast stuffed with lamb mousse), strawberries with Cornish cream

"Whatever 'in love' means"

Charles, asked if he and his fiancée Diana were in love

Sarah and Andrew

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, 1986

Tick - grey background

Designed by Lindka Cierach

Tick - grey background

His Royal Navy uniform

Sarah - the Duchess of York - later told a US magazine the marriage began to break down within a week because of Prince Andrew's naval duties

Sunninghill Park, a 12-bedroom house in Surrey, from the Queen - the tabloids dubbed it "SouthYork" after Southfork in TV soap Dallas

Eggs Drumkilbo (hard-boiled egg moulded with lobster, prawns and mayonnaise - the Queen Mother's favourite), lamb with mint sauce, strawberries and cream

"I had been working in London and living in a small flat with my best friend, and suddenly I married a prince"

Sarah Ferguson

Sophie and Edward

Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones, 1999

Tick - white background

Designed by Samantha Shaw

Cross - white background

Morning dress, as no longer in armed forces

Before the wedding, the Sun published a 1988 photo of Chris Tarrant lifting Sophie's bikini top - the tabloid later apologised.

Duchess of York wasn't invited - she and Prince Andrew divorced in 1996

Gifted the titles of Earl and Countess of Wessex by the Queen, his brothers were made dukes when they married

Buffet of beef stroganoff, smoked haddock in pastry, raspberries and cream

"No hats"

Dress code on invitations, reflecting the couple's wish for a more informal royal wedding

Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, 2005

Tick - grey background

Two dresses, both by Robinson Valentine

Cross - grey background

Morning dress - traditional wedding attire, according to Debrett's etiquette guide

The pair wed 30-odd years after their romance began, the second marriage for both. The Queen didn't attend their private civil ceremony - the Palace said it was to keep the event low-key

Sari for her and Indian headdress for him from Mumbai's tiffin carriers.

Comedian Stephen Fry said the groom was hard to buy for, so he gave "coffee made from Cambodian weasel vomit"

Etta Richardson with the boiled fruit cake she made for the wedding

Lavish traditional tea, including egg and cress sandwiches, mini Cornish pasties and boiled fruit cake

"I'm very proud and wish them well"

Queen's toast to the couple

William and Catherine kiss on the balcony

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, 2011

Tick - white background

Designed by Sarah Burton, of Alexander McQueen

Tick - white background

His Irish Guards uniform- he's honorary colonel

The groom reportedly asked not to be made a duke, and to remain Prince William. But tradition dictates this would make her Princess William. They are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The couple's wedding list contained no gifts - instead they chose 26 charities and asked well-wishers to make donations

Buffet-style wedding breakfast of canapes such as poached asparagus, Cornish crab salad on blinis and rhubarb creme brulee tartlets.

Two wedding cakes, one a chocolate fridge cake - William's childhood favourite

''We're supposed to have just a small family affair''

Prince William's joke at the altar to Catherine's father

Compiled by BBC News Magazine's Megan Lane

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