Newspaper review: Papers mull public pensions review


The Daily Mail's headline gives a flavour of what public sector workers can expect from Lord Hutton's final report on their pensions.

"Work for longer and get a smaller pension," it says.

The Hutton review is also the lead for the Times, Guardian and Daily Express.

The Guardian says the report now looks likely to act as a starting gun for extended industrial action by public sector unions against the government's austerity programme.

Oil strike

The latest fighting in Libya makes the lead for the Independent.

It says the feeling is growing in the opposition leadership that they will not be able to withstand the sustained pressure being applied by Colonel Gaddafi's forces for much longer.

The Financial Times reports that Libya's main oil terminal was in flames after Col Gaddafi's air force bombed the complex.

The escalation pushed the cost of Brent crude to above $115 a barrel, it says.

Military intervention

Two former senior military figures offer their views on the idea of imposing a no-fly zone as a way of helping the Libyan opposition.

They are both against it.

General Lord Dannatt writes in the Daily Telegraph that the UK should steer clear of another military intervention in the Middle East.

In the Times, Colonel Bob Stewart says he is not convinced Britain has the stomach for another foreign adventure, especially if ordinary Libyans are killed during the operation.

Nanny state

The Daily Telegraph and the Sun are dismayed by the coalition's decision to ban shops in England from displaying cigarettes and other tobacco products.

For the Sun, it smacks of the overbearing nanny state.

In the Telegraph's view, it is not the state's role to harm or destroy the businesses of those who make their living by selling tobacco while the product remains legal.

However, the Daily Mirror says smoking is a killer - so anything that saves lives should be tried.

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