Jack Straw sex abuse plea: Your reaction

Jack Straw
Image caption Mr Straw said there was a "specific problem" in some areas where Pakistani men "target vulnerable white girls"

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw has sparked controversy by saying some Pakistani men in Britain prey on vulnerable white girls.

Mr Straw was speaking after two Asian men who abused girls in Derby were given indeterminate jail terms.

People have been emailing the BBC with strong opinons both supporting and disagreeing with the Blackburn MP. Here is a selection of their comments.

Supporting Jack Straw's comments

Bradford and Keighley have accepted this disgraceful situation for at least 10 years. The local media and politicians run scared of addressing these attacks on vulnerable young girls for political reasons. Mike, Bradford

I agree with Mr Straw. Working in an inner-city emergency department we see cases very similar to this almost daily. It is a cultural issue and many Asian men will openly admit to freely using white girls as Asian females are off-limits until married. John, Liverpool

For once Straw has been open and honest. His comments will be challenged but the facts speak for themselves. Vaz on the other hand has a cheek and lacks courage to admit what Straw has said is in fact true. Viv Wilkins, Leicester

I'm surprised he had the guts to go on record with this, usually if you mention anything related to race you're automatically labelled a screaming racist. John Devoy, Glasgow

Thank goodness, a politician telling it as it really is - well done Jack Straw. I did not think there were any of you left. Sue Brown, Battle, East Sussex

I agree wholeheartedly with Jack Straw's comments. This sort of abuse of white girls has been swept under the carpet for years. What annoys me is that Jack Straw didn't apply pressure to those elders of the immigrant community while he was home secretary. Robert Gardner, Kirkcaldy, Fife

I think it's about time this is aired. It is only one kind of abuse but in certain areas it is common. I worked in Bedfordshire as a social worker and in Bedford and Luton the attitude of some young Asian men was that vulnerable white girls were just to be used for sex. Deborah Ferguson, Grantham, Lincolnshire

Jack straw is spot on. The problem is there within the wider community. In case of Pakistani community it is often suppressed due to social family considerations. Full exposure is required in order to tackle this unfortunate problem, and protect young girls. Khalid Malik, Weybridge, Surrey

Against Jack Straw's comments

Yet again a stupid comment by Jack Straw which means that we will now satisfy ourselves it is a cultural problem instead of investigating the real cause. This is to do with the moral breakdown within society and liberal attitudes towards sex - allowing these people to prey on the vulnerable. It's not about culture or race. Hasan, Leeds

As appalled and disgusted as I am by the actions of this gang, I can't help but feel that Jack Straw is demonising the British Pakistani community. I am a British Pakistani woman with an adorable, hard-working brother who most definitely has no interest in explosives or grooming. He is a non-practising Muslim with a huge circle of friends from many different backgrounds. I dread to think how people may react to him and his very beautiful, white girlfriend after reading inflammatory remarks like those. Roxy, London

Jack Straw's comments are a poor reflection on himself and the wider Labour party. The actions here perpetrated by these criminals - who happen to be of Pakistani origin - were outrageous and vile. It is a matter of great concern that a leading politician would so crassly paint a whole heritage of people with the same vile brush. Adam Walker, Leeds

I am a black woman and I find it very disturbing that Jack Straw is treating this as a cultural matter. Years ago during slavery the white man was abusing and raping the black woman. Look at prison numbers - a majority of sex offenders are white males, sometimes females. These comments could create a moral panic in society or even cause cultural riots. Veronica, Suffolk

This is ridiculous. Jack Straw has no basis to assume that Pakistani men target young white girls. His justification that Pakistani men typically get married later in life with women from Pakistan has no relevance. As he said, the majority of sex offenders are white. Billz, London

The problem is not with the Pakistani community - it is with the white community. These Pakistani men are sexual predators, just as any sexual predator would be from any ethnic background. Jack Straw is trying to dodge the real problem of sexualisation of the young in Britain and instead trying to place the focus on the Pakistani community. Sanj, London

You cannot stereotype. Bad people can be from any race and any colour. It is fundamentally wrong to incriminate Pakistanis in this way. Syed Hamdani, Bradford

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