Obituary: Karolina Gluck

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image captionPolish-born Karolina had been in London for three years

The morning of 7 July 2005 was full of anticipation for Karolina Gluck.

As she kissed goodbye to her boyfriend, Richard Deer, before leaving for work, they were looking forward to an exciting few days.

That night they were due to leave for Paris for a romantic, long weekend.

Moments later the 29-year-old boarded the Piccadilly Line train at Finsbury Park station heading towards Russell Square, where she worked as a receptionist at the Goodenough College.

But when news of the bomb attacks reached Mr Deer, he started to worry and rang her work, only to find out she had failed to arrive.

Days of searching ensued, until police confirmed her death.

Polish-born Ms Gluck had followed her twin sister Magda Gluck-Pawlick to London in 2002, from their home town of Chorzow.

The sisters were inseparable from birth and grew up wearing identical clothes. It was not until finishing school that they chose their own paths.

Karolina, known to her family as Lolcia, liked to be in charge and was very involved in school affairs.

She went on to study marketing and management while learning English. At university she explored her love of travel, making two trips to the US.

In a Book of Tributes, compiled by victims' families, her mother wrote: "She was very popular and was the life and soul of the party, yet also knew how to strike the perfect balance between working hard and enjoying life.

"She was immensely trustworthy and took great care of those who were both close to her as well as those she barely knew."

Ms Gluck moved to London after struggling to find work in her home country, and lived with her sisiter.

She did not take long to integrate herself into her new city.

Nicknamed "Sunshine" by her boyfriend because of her lively and warm nature, she wore a St George's Cross piercing in her belly button and carried a London 2012 keyring.

In the Book of Tributes, Ms Gluck's mother wrote that her daughter was in a serious relationship and dreamed of starting a family.

Two weeks after the blasts, Mr Deer, 28, visited Russell Square, near the spot where his girlfriend was killed. Ms Gluck's Polish relatives joined him in leaving flowers and signing a book of condolence.

Alongside two tributes written by her family in Polish, he wrote: "I think about you all the time and I will never ever forget what we had.

"What we had was indescribable, so, so special. I love you Karolina and know that you are still close."

At the time of her death, Ms Gluck and her twin sister were arranging a summer trip to Poland to introduce their boyfriends to the family and show them their country.

Friends and family held a memorial service for Ms Gluck close to the college where she worked.