Newspaper review: Failed World Cup 2018 bid dominates


The loss of England's World Cup 2018 bid goes down very badly with many papers, with a lot of attention focused on the somewhat contrasting reasons for Russia being in the news.

The Independent talks of "A day of two halves" - Russia is chosen to host the 2018 football tournament as its prime minister, Vladimir Putin, is accused of corruption in Wikileaks revelations.

"Fifa bungs Russia the World Cup" is the Sun's take on it.

The Daily Mail poses a question which it says every football fan is asking: "Was it a stitch-up?"

Downing Street, the Daily Mail says, has done little to hide its anger and has said that David Cameron has no plans to congratulate Vladimir Putin.

According to the Daily Mirror, the England camp are "seething" at being betrayed by what it calls dodgy voting.

The The Times has a satellite picture showing arctic conditions over the UK.

It sums all the big stories under one headline: "Frozen out," "Britain under the weather," it says, "as England's World Cup bid gets just two votes."

'Reptiles of journalism'

Several columnists show they are not impressed with the high-powered team which went to Zurich for England - David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham - and they leap to the defence of the British media.

According to the Daily Mail's Richard Littlejohn, "the presence in Switzerland of this A-List triumvirate was the final depressing fusion of royalty, politics and celebrity".

Simon Jenkins in the Guardian defends the honour of the press after criticism of the BBC and the Sunday Times for exposing FIFA corruption.

"In this World Cup Sewer," he writes, "we reptiles of British journalism hold our heads high." But he says "the grovelling of the prime minister and the second-in-line to the throne before this Zurich racket has been a national humiliation".

Paul Joyce in the Express believes the decision was "to do with politics and slapping down a nation whose free press had dared to try to expose the stench of corruption".

The Daily Mirror praises the bid team and reserves its anger for "any dimwits" thinking of blaming the BBC or the Sunday Times. They should remember that in Russia, critical journalists are murdered, it says.

'Mother's love lacking'

Meanwhile, the paper which last year led the way in exposing MPs' expenses scandals today expresses some sympathy with them.

The Daily Telegraph reports on their complaints about the new system for monitoring MPs' claims - the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

"We used to have a system that allowed MPs to make a profit," says the paper in an editorial.

"We now have one that means they could operate at a loss. This is unacceptable," it says.

The singer, Mick Hucknall, has told the Guardian he would like to apologise to the 1,000 women he estimates he slept with in the mid 1980s.

"A red-headed man is not generally considered to be a sexual icon," says the former Simply Red lead singer.

Hucknall blames his "sexual addiction" on being abandoned by his mother when he was three years old.

"I wanted love from every single woman on the planet," he says, "because I didn't have my mother's love."

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