Newspaper review: Papers weigh-up Irish bail-out


The Daily Telegraph reports that uncertainty over the Irish financial bail-out has led to a sharp fall in the price of shares in British banks.

The banks have large outstanding loans in the Irish Republic, it says.

The paper explains that calls for a general election in the Irish Republic led the markets to fear that the government there might collapse.

Reform call

"Schadenfreude without action would be risky", says the paper's leader, which concludes that now is not the time for "economic isolation".

That is unless its banking system undergoes fundamental reform, it says.

Alcohol move

There is an image of suspected Nazi war criminal Samuel Kunz, who died in Germany last week aged 89, on the front page of the Independent.

The paper believes that, in the interests of justice, the process of bringing suspected former Nazis to trial must be speeded up.

It reveals that a 50 pence per unit minimum charge on alcoholic drinks may be on the way in Manchester.

Robot revisited

As the government unveils its migration cap, the Sun urges ministers to target bogus colleges.

The paper says many non-EU migrants claim to be in the UK to study, "yet some can't even speak English".

"George" was shown vacuum cleaning, baking a cake and doing the shopping in newspaper photographs in the 1950s.

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