Paper Review: Lord Young's political death illustrated


Lord Young has discovered that politics is a rough game - even for part-time, unpaid players - after suggesting people had "never had it so good".

The Daily Telegraph describes his forced resignation as "strong-arm" but "vital... to remind other government advisers to mind their Ps and Qs".

He "ripped off the caring Conservative mask" to reveal "the same old nasty party underneath", it claims.

Grim cartoons

The sudden excitement of Lord Young's resignation has prompted a number of violent cartoons.

The Independent sees him as a grotesque Marie Antoinette, sauntering in the garden as the guillotine is prepared.

In the Times, two men walk past his lordship's head displayed on a pike. The Sun describes the peer as having been: "Young, drawn and quartered."

Meanwhile, the papers run their eyes over the latest batch of recruits to the House of Lords.

Peer pressure

But the Independent bemoans the fact so many new peers are Tory, Labour or Lib Dem donors - a dismaying reminder of the links between "cash and honours".

By contrast, the Times highlights Ed Miliband's decision not to nominate two Labour donors and a party fund-raiser.

It sees it as a deliberate snub to those on a list left by Gordon Brown.

Royal protection

One picture is everywhere, despite being dark, grainy, and out of focus.

Kate Middleton is at the wheel of her car, engagement ring visible on her left hand - and "gun" guard beside her.

In a Times cartoon, tramps snuggle down for the night under discarded Royal wedding supplements, one noting: "It gives you as nice warm feeling."

According to the Daily Mail, the wider public agrees. Its opinion poll says people are pleased - so long as taxpayers do not fund the festivities.

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