Royal wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton quotes

Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced their engagement. Here are some of the things which have been said by, or about the pair, over the years.

Justin Hughes, ex-owner of MA Bells, a St Andrews haunt of the pair

Image caption The couple started dating in 2003

They were just very much boyfriend and girlfriend. They seemed very normal, they were happy in each other's company. They could relax and again that's part of the thing about St Andrews.

You can go walking about the place, they could go down to the beach, they could come for drinks here. They could just behave like a normal couple.

Sophie Butler, Kate's hairdresser at St Andrews

She's stunning. She's really, really good looking. She just seemed to be very natural. She had that natural beauty. She still does, but at that time, we didn't know who she was and she did stand out, yeah.

A really lovely girl. She was very willing to co-operate with us. Very, very smiley. Very down to earth and very pretty.

Brian Lang, St Andrews' ex-principal speaking at their graduation

You'll have made lifelong friends. Not only that and I say this every year to every group of the new St Andrews graduates: you may have met your husband or wife. Our title as the top matchmaking university in Britain is at stake.

Prince William at Klosters before Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding

Reporter: "Could there perhaps be another wedding on the cards sometime soon?"

William (LAUGHS): "Er No. I don't think so." LAUGHS

Walter Neilson, took pictures of Kate at university fashion show

I don't think the newspapers knew. They printed all the models. Days later it obviously got leaked that Kate was sharing a flat with William so the newspapers decided to concentrate on her and the only photographs of Kate Middleton in circulation - not even in circulation - was my photograph of Kate on the catwalk.

Kate Nicol, Mail on Sunday diary writer on 'Waity Katy' label

I don't think the criticism was unfair. I think there was a time when she could have been working. She could have been doing something.

It could have been a charity role. A charity role would have been very, very safe for Kate but I think she rested on her laurels and that was when the tide of public opinion turned against her for the first time. And that hadn't ever happened before.

Kate was always the golden girl and suddenly she wasn't.

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