Newspaper review: Cameron tested ahead of China trip


The papers have plenty of advice for Prime Minister David Cameron as he prepares to visit China.

The Daily Telegraph says the fastest route to freedom for the Chinese people is through trade with the West.


Mr Williams said plans to force the long-term unemployed to do manual work could drive them into a spiral of despair - a view rejected by the paper.

The Daily Mail says it is precisely the archbishop's spiral of despair that the government is trying to break.

But the Daily Mirror says Mr Cameron will not win a battle with God over his plans to persecute the unemployed.

Navy 'disaster'

The Guardian says government plans to cut welfare bills could lead to a huge migration of benefit recipients from the south of England to the north.

The Daily Telegraph tells us the deputy chairman of the firm building the Royal Navy's two new aircraft carriers called the programme a "disaster".

Grizzly evidence

The Daily Telegraph reports that one of Google's Street View photos could help solve a crime in Derbyshire.

It shows a picture of a man wearing glasses whom police want to question in connection with the theft of a caravan.

And the Guardian also carries a report on an "English Electric" fridge belonging to a Shropshire family which has been in constant use - since 1947.