Newspaper review: Duke of York 'attacks defence bosses'


The Daily Telegraph reports the Duke of York's criticism of the MoD for failing to order new armoured vehicles that could save soldiers' lives.

The duke is said to have accused defence chiefs of sitting on their "fat backsides".

The Times reports that six prisons face closure under government plans to jail fewer criminals to save money.

The paper says it will fuel unease that the Conservative Party is vulnerable to attack over law and order.

The Financial Times highlights a fall in the value of shares in Britain's two biggest banks - HSBC and RBS.

Both warned on the economic outlook, forecasting bumps in the road ahead.

Several papers carry graphic images of the devastation caused by the latest eruption of the Mount Merapi volcano in Indonesia.

The Times says ash burned villagers in their beds and the Daily Mirror says bodies littered streets in a haunting throwback to ancient Pompeii.

"Shameful" declares the front page of the Daily Mail over two Labour MPs who the paper says stand accused of dragging politics into the gutter.

Phil Woolas was stripped of his seat after an election court found him guilty of lying, stirring up racial tensions and spreading smears during this year's election campaign

Paul Farrelly faces an investigation after what it says was an extraordinary punch-up in a corridor at the Palace of Westminster.

The Daily Express expresses anger at a court decision to allow Muslim cleric Abu Hamza to keep his British citizenship.

An editorial declares it is "madness to clutch a viper to our national breast".

The Sun devotes its front page and much else to allegations about the private life of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

The Star says police are looking into allegations of dangerous driving against the model Katie Price after an incident involving photographers.

Finally, there is plenty in the papers on the current travails of the BBC, where journalists are currently on strike in a dispute over pensions.

The Independent says the cCorporation is facing a leadership crisis with growing doubts being expressed by senior executives about the judgment of director general Mark Thompson.

The Telegraph says that with Today and other news programmes off the air the world suddenly seemed a lighter, brighter place... for a while.