Newspapers consider US mid-terms impact on Obama

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Barack Obama's job may not have been on the line in the US mid-term elections but he is still the focus of most of the attention in the papers.

'Brainwashed online'

The conviction of a student who tried to kill MP Stephen Timms makes the Daily Telegraph and Sun front pages.

The Telegraph says the UK is urging the US to get websites to remove al-Qaeda videos after it emerged the defendant had been inspired by online sermons.

In the Sun there are claims that Roshanara Choudhry was brainwashed by the man linked to the plot to bring down two aircraft with bombs disguised as ink cartridges.

The Times says officials were shocked by her apparent transformation.

Exchange 'knocked-out'

According to the Daily Mail, up to three million households are on a financial precipice and in danger of falling over it if interest rates rise.

The paper says a leading economist is warning a full recovery will not take place until banks tackle the problem.

The paper says the disruption is a blow to the exchange's credibility.

Scary speed camera

The Sun and the Daily Mirror both report that the search for Madeleine McCann may end because the fund set up to find her is running out of money.

Madeleine's parents say totals are down from £2m at its peak to £300,000.

It reports the trailer-mounted device can also tell whether a driver is wearing a seatbelt, identify those with out-of-date tax discs or no insurance and measure tailgating.

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