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The Olympic Park Legacy Company is deciding between the rival bids to take over the London 2012 Olympic Stadium after the Games. The venue has been designed to be scaled down from 80,000 seats to 25,000. This "exploded" view of the 2012 Olympic stadium shows the different components which make up the venue.

The design brief required that the stadium would be able to seat 80,000 spectators during the Games but that this number would reduce to 25,000 afterwards.

To achieve this, the architects Populous designed a temporary upper tier of seats which can be removed after the Games. Instead of a permanent facade, the stadium is designed to be cloaked in a fabric "wrap", twisting at its base to enable spectators to enter the seating bowl at any point around its perimeter.

The distinctive lightweight roof is also fabric and designed to be temporary - although it could be reconfigured in a more permanent manner for future use.

Spectator facilities such as foodstalls, shops and toilets are located in "pods" around the outside of the main stadium. The resulting structure is significantly smaller than the Beijing National Stadium - also know as the Bird's Nest - which was built for the 2008 Games.

Exploded graphic showing Olympic Stadium
CGI of how the Olympic Park could look during the Games How the inside of the Olympic Park could look when the Games are on

To find out more about the London 2012 Olympic Games, go to BBC London 2012

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