Holidaymakers react with anger at Goldtrail's collapse

Thousands of holidaymakers have been left either stranded at home or abroad due to the collapse of tour operator Goldtrail.

Here some of those affected talk about what this news means to them.

Janice Hamilton, Glasgow

Image caption Janice found out at midnight that her flight had been cancelled

Janice was due to fly on Saturday morning.

I'm disgusted with this company as earlier on Friday I made some changes to my baggage allowance and nothing was mentioned about them going into administration. I received my e-ticket at 1605. Now there are three very disappointed people unable to travel.

I'll give my travel agent their due as they phoned around 0030hrs last night to tell us they are trying their best to accommodate us - but this leaves us £600 out of pocket.

Goldtrail must have known they were pulling the plug but they still were allowing people to book flights.

I'm now flying out on Monday, so effectively we've lost two days of our holiday - we've had to rebook.

Amanda O'Shea

Amanda is on holiday in Altinkum, Turkey.

It's not so bad for us as we have an apartment out here.

We found out [about the firm's collapse] this morning from friends who were flying home tomorrow. My nephew was supposed to come out with his family but their holiday has been cancelled He has managed to rebook with Thompson.

As we're two hours ahead here, I managed to call them at 7am to tell them to book something else.

Mark McLay, Glasgow

Image caption Flights home from Turkey will operate as normal but passengers in Greece were told to expect changes

Mark was on his way to Marmaris in Turkey.

We arrived at Glasgow Airport in time for our 2045 BST flight on Friday evening. When we got there [we found] the flight was delayed until 2330. When we got to check-in it was delayed further, back to 0150.

Around 0100 everyone was called together and were told over the tannoy that the company had gone into administration, that we would not be flying and would be escorted out of the building.

There was no anger but I saw one woman crying and it was bad for the families there. Everyone took it as well as they could.

Why they could not have told us earlier is beyond me and it was heartbreaking to see all the families looking so completely gutted. Thankfully the money can be claimed back though, which makes a huge difference.

BBC reporter LJ Rich

LJ had been due to go on holiday to Turkey

At the moment I'm refusing to lie down. I'm trying to see if I can find alternative flights out there because the tour operator went down and not the airlines and not the hotels or the accommodation. I'm seeing if it is possible to find alternative flights and still be able to take my holiday.

In terms of getting the money back, yes we know we're going to get our money back. There's going to be a huge amount of admin involved. There will be lots of phone calls.

Cassie Inns, Surrey

Cassie was due to fly on Monday.

Image caption Cassie was due to fly on Monday

I phoned the holiday company that I booked it with, but they said they had no news for me at all so I don't know what's going on.

There's not a lot I can do - we booked this holiday, it's just a matter of waiting really. I'm very upset, very, very, upset. This is just a nightmare.

I woke up this morning to see it all over the news and I couldn't even contact my holiday company that I booked it with - I sat on hold for a long time; no information has been given to men so I don't know anything.

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