Elections 2021 results

Scotland results

129 of 129 seats. Counting complete. 65 seats needed for majority

  1. Scottish National Party 64 seats
  2. Conservative 31 seats
  3. Labour 22 seats
  4. Green 8 seats
  5. Liberal Democrat 4 seats
  6. Alba 0 seats

Wales results

60 of 60 seats. Counting complete. 31 seats needed for majority

  1. Labour 30 seats
  2. Conservative 16 seats
  3. Plaid Cymru 13 seats
  4. Liberal Democrat 1 seat
  5. Green 0 seats
  6. Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party 0 seats

England results

132 of 143 councils. Counting under way. Number of councillors

  1. Conservative 2,205 councillors
  2. Labour 1,268 councillors
  3. Liberal Democrat 524 councillors
  4. Independents 247 councillors
  5. Green 121 councillors
  6. Residents' Association 41 councillors


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