Women's Aid

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    Video caption: 'I spent lockdown in a women's refuge'

    A woman being controlled by her partner reveals what it has been like to find a safe place.

  2. Coronavirus: Berkshire Women's Aid referrals rise

    Victim of domestic violence, controlling and coercive behaviour

    Berkshire Women's Aid has reported a steep rise in cases of families "fleeing to refuge", which it said was due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    The charity said it had as many referrals on Tuesday as would normally happen in a week.

    Writing on Facebook, it said: "This crisis is putting people at real increased risk."

    The charity said it was running short of bedding and has appealed for donations of quilts, pillows and other household items.

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    Video caption: Domestic violence victims find refuge in salons

    Salons sign up to provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence.