Coffee production

Leeds single-use coffee cups given second life
About 250,000 disposable cups have been collected in recycling bins across Leeds since October.
Coffee species face extinction, report says
Sixty per cent of the world's coffee plants are on the edge of extinction, a report claims.

Is your decaf coffee a dud?

The UK's top barista on why the cost of decaffeination can mean an inferior bean
The UK's top barista, Joshua Tarlo, explains why the costs of decaffeinating coffee can mean decaf drinkers get an inferior bean. He also tells Emily Thomas about the environmental costs of taking the kick out of coffee.

(Picture: Joshua Tarlo, from Origin Coffee Roasters. Credit: BBC)

Chemicals in your coffee?

How a chemical found in paint stripper is used to make most decaf
Taking the caffeine out of coffee is complicated, and it's mostly done using chemicals. Frank Dennis, president and CEO of Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company, prefers using a water-based solution. He tells Emily Thomas why. 

(Picture: A barista preparing coffee in a flask. Credit: Getty Images)